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10 Instagram Design Accounts For Creative Inspiration

10 Instagram Design Accounts For Creative Inspiration

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What two tools are essential in every modern Designer’s toolkit? If you guessed Pinterest and Instagram you’d be right! Instagram was launched with creative imagery in mind and still hosts a plethora of visually profound designers that post awe-inspiring pics. Here’s 20 of our favorite Instagram Designers to get those creative juices flowing!

Top Instagram Design Accounts

Don’t let us fool you—there are more designers and accounts filled with design inspiration on Instagram that we’ll ever be able to find. Millions. Tens of Millions. There are graphic designers, interior designers, photographers, furniture designers—any type of designer you can imagine. Instagram design has been one of the most explosive phenomena of modern social media and continues to serve us when we’re in need of creative inspiration. Here’s some of our favorite design accounts to browse for inspiration.

1 Architectural Digest


More Inspiration

These are just a few of the hundreds of Instagram accounts we love to browse for inspiration. Whether you’re planning your next Interior Design project, shopping for furniture, or simply killing time—these accounts are guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing!