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Japandi Minimalist House by Rachael Miklas

Japandi Minimalist House by Rachael Miklas

  • Rachael Miklas and her team have created a sublime Japandi en-suite. This gorgeous and serene home has unique stories behind every room: its sophisticated, luxurious living areas coupled with delicate inner gardens and home plants bring out the best of the Scandinavian and Japanese styles and graciously amazed us at every turn.
modern japandi minimalist home

Japandi design fully embraces the modernist, rustic Scandinavian design and incorporates the timeless minimalist Japanese design to truly push the boundaries when it comes to trends and styles.

Rachael Miklas and her team genuinely understood her client’s project’s specifications and delivered a highly functional home peppered with luxury that proudly captured the owner’s Japanese heritage and sophisticated taste. 

Trendy Japandi Fusion Home

modern japandi minimalist home 1Source: Rachael Miklas

The home’s refined mix of charred hardwood cladding and neutral colors stand out from the get-go and perfectly accommodate the ample windows and its beautiful frames. The delicate garden is in itself a minimalist statement that promises to extend to its interior.

modern japandi minimalist home 2Source: Rachael Miklas

The Genkan (traditional Japanese entrance) is quite simply remarkable. The Japanese style’s cornerstone is cultivating careful, disciplined craftsmanship that blooms into sheer beauty, and the fact this home is able to accurately represent an entire philosophy (before even stepping inside) is nothing short of impressive.

modern japandi minimalist home 3Source: Rachael Miklas

Once inside, we’re greeted by an exquisite assortment of green houseplants, which are considered central in both Japanese and Scandinavian design. The sunlight gracefully showers them and rightfully makes this space the first floor’s focal point. 

modern japandi minimalist home 4Source: Rachael Miklas

The Scandinavian style emerges with this stunning open concept kitchen. The concrete floor coupled with the raised-panel cabinets and black appliances establish a serene neutral color palette that flawlessly meshes with the minimalist approach to this area.

modern japandi minimalist home 5Source: Rachael Miklas

The Japandi design heavily prioritizes functionality in all of its areas, and this kitchen is not the exception: the transitional u-shaped concrete floor allows plenty of circulation space around the kitchen island, and its numerous and spacious row of white cabinets offer plenty of storage to its users. The décor is lightly peppered to maximize the effective use of this space.

modern japandi minimalist home 6Source: Rachael Miklas

From the kitchen, we can overlook this wonderful transitional living room. This softly rugged area is lightly populated by a cubic slat side sofa, comfortable chairs and a wall-mounted TV overlooked by a matte black LED ceiling fan. The living room has a direct connection to the property’s backyard as well as its dining space.

modern japandi minimalist homeSource: Rachael Miklas

The property’s backyard is nothing short of magnificent. The wooden steps stay faithful to the Japanese design style and have been adapted for a growing family. The carefully placed outdoors table beckon you to enjoy refreshments straight from the flexible, slim beverage refrigerator located by the edge. Alternatively, you can enjoy the evening cool’s breeze and relax by the comfortable high back lounge chairs on the right. 

modern japandi minimalist home 7Source: Rachael Miklas

The home office has a heavy emphasis on practicality, as it well should. The color combination greets its users with a sense of purpose and discipline. The natural source of light healthily boost productivity and allows you to greet a new day full of opportunities, creativity, and growth.

modern japandi minimalist home 8Source: Rachael Miklas

With the leather studded office chair and the wooden desk as the room’s focal points, the small ceramic pot cylinder serves as the quirky décor element that weaves into the minimalist approach to the property’s work area while gracefully complementing the harmonious color contrast already present. 

modern japandi minimalist home 9Source: Rachael Miklas

Rachael Miklas and her team managed to create a serene atmosphere through the use of contrasting colors, stunning natural materials, and the superb use of natural light sources distributed across the bathroom.

modern japandi minimalist home 10Source: Rachael Miklas

The bathroom’s minimalist and highly functional focus encompass purity, simplicity, and restraint. The brass wall mounted shower head, faucets and matching traditional Japanese décor are all testament to the level of detail, care, and thought put into this magnificent room. This bathroom truly invites you to shed all worldly concerns and connect with your inner thoughts and reflections. 


This sophisticated, minimalist Japandi home was designed and decorated by Rachael Miklas and her team. Be sure to visit her website as well as their official Instagram page to delve into some of their current and past projects.