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Kincaid Furniture: Quality Solid-Wood Furniture

Kincaid Furniture: Quality Solid-Wood Furniture

  • Kincaid Furniture is one of the finest solid wood manufacturers on the market today. Their catalog showcases solid wood designs with a modern style making them one of the best, most unique, inspiring furniture brands in the world. Prepare to fall in love.
kincaid traverse dining collection living edges bench seating buffet homerefinery

Kincaid Furniture is a family-owned American furniture brand that specializes in solid-wood designs and custom upholstery. Their presence in the furniture industry is reveled by designers and buyers alike. You’ll find their catalog filled with design elements not found elsewhere and staged by truly inspiring finishes and hardware combinations.


Kincaid Furniture is well-known for their solid wood designs. They are among the best furniture manufacturers in the world and offer a catalog like none other. You’ll find their products feature shaped edges, mortise, and tenon joints, and artisan dovetailing as only solid wood manufacturing allows.

Their products are available from a select few online furniture stores but carried by many local dealers as well. Getting to know the Kincaid catalog a bit better may help round out your next decorating project.


Understanding why Kincaid has been so successful over the years is as easy as flipping through their catalog. Their solid-wood manufacturing practices are showcased through a myriad of styles—including modern and contemporary designs—in such a way that might very well leave you speechless! Take a look at some of the most popular Kincaid collections to get inspired.

Plank Road

kincaid furniture plank road bedroom collection homerefinerySource: Kincaid Furniture
The Jessup panel bed and matching companion pieces found in the Plank Road Collection (shown in charcoal finish)

The Plank Road Collection by Kincaid features a unique showcase of rounded-edge designs, planked side panels, and rough-sewn wood texturing. The Jessup Panel bed set with matching nightstand, bureau, and bench capture a rustic sense of refinement in only a way that solid wood design can provide. This collection would be perfect for summer homes in the mountain but, oddly enough, wouldn’t look entirely out-of-place in a coastal setting!

Carillon Upholstered Collection

kincaid carillon grande sofa homerefinerySource: Kincaid Furniture
The Carillon Grande showcases hand-tufting and can be customized to feature any number of fabric options offered by Kincaid.

The Carillon Upholstered Collection by Kincaid showcases a casual, modernized design that features personable tufting, comfort-first lines, and still captures a somewhat traditional vibe through its showcase of neutral fabrics. The Carillon Grande, shown in the image above, can be fully customized to feature any one of numerous fabric options available from the Kincaid Furniture company. Pillows are included, and can be customized as well!

Traverse Collection

kincaid traverse dining collection homerefinerySource: Kincaid Furniture
The Traverse Dining Collection by Kincaid

The Traverse Dining Collection by Kincaid Furniture showcases a contemporary design that makes use of the possibilities of solid wood construction. This collection features a “living edge” design, shown here on the top edges of the dining table. The ladder back chairs, leather-bound bar pulls, and unique trestle design found in this collection exemplify Kincaid’s ability to produce a modern style with traditional manufacturing approaches.


As with many iconic American furniture brands, Kincaid got there start in the Western North Carolina region. Founder Wade Kincaid began his foray into the furniture industry at the age of 14, working in a local furniture manufacturer’s factory. Some 20 years later, Wade invested most of his life savings into purchasing a small furniture company in Hudson, North Carolina.

With some help from family members, Wade began producing solid wood chests and wardrobe cabinets. Kincaid furniture had some 20 odd employees at this point in time and was able to produce 20 units per day. Shortly thereafter, Kincaid began producing solid-wood bedroom groups and the rest—as they say—is history! Check out the official Kincaid Furniture history page for more details on this furniture brand’s humble beginnings and rise to American iconism.


Kincaid is easily among the top furniture brands in the world. Their catalog’s showcase of solid wood designs and current design styles always amaze. Their furniture isn’t cheap by most standards but can last generations when cared for properly. Kincaid is an easy choice for anyone looking to furnish their home with “real” furniture.

Kincaid Furniture: Quality Solid-Wood Furniture
Kincaid Furniture is arguably the best commercial solid wood furniture brand on the market today. The Kincaid catalog is filled with inspired designs featuring truly inspirational finishes, features, and pairings.
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