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Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

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Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

Layla Sleep offers some of the most unique sleep products we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing so far. Their mattresses and pillows are designed with serious sleep issues in mind and are designed to help support restorative and rejuvenating sleep patterns. The Layla Sleep memory foam mattress is a copper infused, dual-firmness, flippable design that not only looks incredible but also sleeps incredibly.

Inspired Memory Foam Design

The Layla Sleep memory foam mattress offers a traditional memory foam experience and is an ideal option for those seeking pressure point relief. The first attribute of the Layla Sleep memory foam mattress that makes it stand apart from competitors is its flippable design that allows for multiple firmness selections. We’re calling this “flippable firmness” with a smile on our face. Another unique design feature of the Layla mattress is the copper-infused memory foam that is used throughout its layers.

Heat Control & Antibacterial

Copper, among many other things, has both thermo-conductive and antimicrobial properties. Copper nanoparticles are quite effective in killing many of the nasty kinds of bacteria that are known to make us humans sick [1]. We spend a lot of time rolling around on our mattresses, and it is scary to think about how quickly they could make us sick should dangerous bacteria find their way there. Layla sleep’s copper-infused memory foam gives sleepers an extra defensive layer against this. Copper is also a tremendous conductor of heat and can be useful when trying to keep things cool. In fact, Copper helps keeps things cool so effectively that Engineers recommend it for use in Nuclear Reactors! If copper can keep a nuclear reactor cool, you know it can help keep a bed cool!

Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Layer Diagram
The Layla Sleep memory foam mattress features a copper-infused memory foam on either side for flippable firmness options.

Versatile Layered Design

The Layla Sleep memory foam mattress uses a multi-layer design that is common among many other memory foam mattresses. This design features a contouring memory foam top layer, a pressure distributing and airflow promoting polyfoam underlayer, and a thick, dense foam layer for foundational support. The Layla mattress stands out from similar such designs by its inclusion of yet another memory foam layer under the foundation layer.

Having a second layer of memory foam under a mattress may sound like a waste of material at first glance but its purpose is quite simple—it allows one to flip the mattress over and have a firmer overall mattress! This unique design provides both firm and soft options to help accommodate sleep preferences of all ranges.  Even if one were to prefer sleeping on a soft mattress most of the time, a firmer sleep could be better should one have a back injury or another issue that needed a firmer support system, even if only temporarily.

Rather than buying a new mattress of sleeping somewhere new during recovery, all one must do with the Layla Sleep memory foam mattress is to simply unzip the cover, flip the mattress, and zip it back up! Pretty simple right?. Personally, we’d like to see one in every guest bedroom of our houses to offer all our friends and family the option of firm or soft while they visit. On the other hand, we might not tell them all about it lest they decide to move in!

Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Close Up Corner
Layla Sleep’s memory foam mattress is designed for use with box springs, platform beds, the floor, and virtually any other foundation.

Personal Experience

As Described by Laura from Minnesota

The Layla Sleep memory foam mattress feels a lot like other memory foam mattresses at first. You feel a slight sinking in feeling (though not a trapped feeling) that feels more pronounced when in a side sleeping position. For anyone unfamiliar with memory foam mattresses this might feel quite strange at first. I would describe this mattress as being slightly less cumbersome than other memory foam mattresses but still similar in overall initial feel.

Layla’s double-sided “flippable firmness” design makes this a mattress perfect for those among us that like to change things up now and then

The copper-infused memory foam does seem to help the mattress sleep cooler overall, though we’d also point out the poly foam layer underneath the memory foam of the soft side’s top layer also helps with that. As opposed to other mattresses that position solid memory foam layers on top of other solid layers of foam, this egg carton like design allows a higher level of breathability.

The ability to flip this mattress between the firm and soft is incredible and very convenient. The cover of the mattress unzips around the bottom edge in such a way that allows the mattress to be flipped, zipped back up, and appear just the same as before. Essentially, this mattress does function like having a second mattress. Maybe your back hurts, maybe you’re in a different mood, or maybe you’re just bored—regardless, having the option to change firmness levels is incredible, and the Layla mattress delivers.

This mattress also just looks cool. This isn’t a factor for many people, especially considering the first thing that happens to a mattress is that it gets covered in bedding, but I’ve learned that such attention to detail is often a sign of higher quality products. Overall, I feel like this is one of the better memory foam mattresses out there. I would recommend it to anyone that likes memory foam but feels that it sleeps just a bit too hot. Also, I’d recommend this mattress to anyone looking to try a memory foam mattress for the first time. The flippable design offers a lot of versatility and allows one to change their mind on a daily basis!

Closeup of Layla Sleep memory foam mattress corner
Layla Sleep’s memory foam mattress has a beautiful cover design and has afforded attention to even the smallest of details.

Size Matters

The Layla Sleep memory foam mattress is great. It has a unique design, copper nanoparticles to better performance, and offers both a firm and soft sleeping experience. Before you run off to order yours, however, make careful consideration of which size will work best for you. This mattress comes in every standard mattress size and is 10″ in thickness. This mattress is an ideal fit for mattress foundations and platform beds, but you may want to consider having some sort of box spring setup when using this mattress with a traditional bed design. We’ve got a great article on how to help with that. This mattress isn’t a particularly heavy one which means most people won’t have any trouble flipping it over or positioning it after opening it. Nevertheless, the Queen and King size mattresses do weigh upwards of 80 and 90 pounds which aren’t exactly light compared to most household items. Check out the chart below to get a better idea of the size and weights associated with this mattress.

Size & Thickness

Twin39″ x 75″ x 10″50 lbs
Twin XL39″ x 80″ x 10″55 lbs
Full54″ x 75″ x 10″70 lbs
Queen60″ x 80″ x 10″80 lbs
King76″ x 80″ x 10″90 lbs
Cal King72″ x 84″ x 10″90 lbs
Layla Sleep warranty, shipping, and in home trial diagramSource: Layla
The Layla Sleep memory foam mattress is backed by a lifetime warranty, ships for free, and has a 120-night in home, no-risk, evaluation period.

Warranty, Ordering, & Returns

Truth be told, no matter how much due diligence once affords it’s never possible to be certain a mattress is right for you. Even when having slept on one before, felt on in a store, or been recommended one by a health professional; mattresses are a very personal product and don’t reveal their suture until one has slept on them for a while. One set of attributes we take into consideration when reviewing mattresses are those which allow for a first-hand experience without committing to buying a mattress, the process of ordering and receiving the mattress, and the warranty and guarantee offered by a company to ensure their product will continue to provide a good night’s sleep should one choose to purchase from them. Below you’ll find our interpretation of all the important facts and figures of a purchase made with Layla. For a more complete account, we suggest you consult the official FAQ page on their website.


Layla Sleep is among one of the best “bed in a box” mattress brands on the market today (at least in our opinion.) Not only are these mattresses designed for easy shipping but they are sold directly to consumers through Layla’s own website, and select other online retailers. These aren’t mattresses you’ll find in most local mattress stores and that means you won’t be paying the markup that comes along with mattresses sold in local stores. When compared to mattresses of similar quality and size that are available from stores such as Mattress Firm, Layla Sleep’s memory foam mattress is, essentially, available at wholesale pricing.


Another characteristic of “bed in a box brands”—perhaps their hallmark characteristic—is the unique packaging process in which they’re shipped. Rather than having to contract with freight carriers, arrange for someone to special-deliver the mattress into your home, or arrange for local pickups, Layla Sleep is able to ship their mattresses through standard ground carriers such as FedEx or UPS—for free! Now, to be fair, nearly all bed in a box brands offer this service so it isn’t something that necessarily separates Layla from the competition. However, it’s just one more thing we feel that they’re doing right.

120 Night In-Home Trial

Another thing we think Layla Sleep does well is their offering of a no-risk 120 night in-home trial for their mattresses. This allows customers to purchase their mattress, have it delivered, and sleep on it for 120 nights before they’re financially committed. During this time frame, anyone can decide to return their Layla Sleep mattress for a 100% refund—no questions asked. Similar to free shipping, this approach has become quite popular among other mattress brands as well and isn’t something that makes the entire case for why one should consider a Layla Sleep mattress. Again, it’s just one more thing that Layla is doing right.

Lifetime Warranty

Ah, the warranty. We’ve heard arguments from many manufacturers that a 10-year warranty is the longest acceptable warranty to offer for a mattress. These manufacturers would argue that after 10 years a mattress becomes to unsanitary to sleep on so one should be buying another mattress anyway. We believe this may have a bit of truth to it but still feel that longer warranties are better. Layla Sleep agrees and backs their memory foam mattress with a lifetime warranty that covers indentations more than 1 inch in depth, general sagging, or overall loss of height for their mattress. If you spill a glass of wine trying to do a bounce test, however—that mess is on you!


Can you imagine having to re-roll a mattress and vacuum pack it into a 24x24x48 box? No? Unless you have an oversized industrial vacuum packer in your garage you’re probably with us on this one! Returning a mattress sounds like a nightmare but Layla Sleep makes the process as easy as possible. Rather than requiring you to ship your product back to them they will arrange a pickup of your mattress and donate it to a local charity. They get a tax write-off on a product they can’t resell and you don’t have to terrorize the clerks at your local UPS store! Before you rely on this, however, we’d suggest contacting your local charitable donation centers and double check their policy on accepting mattresses. Sometimes, there are policies that restrict the donation of mattresses. Hard to say where or why—so just check first!

Layla Sleep memory foam mattress on foundationSource: Layla
The Layla Sleep Memory foam mattress ships in a conveniently-sized box.

Overall Impressions

Layla Sleep’s memory foam mattress is beyond cool—both in terms of performance and aesthetics! The copper nanoparticle infused memory foam may be one of the most-unique concepts we’ve seen. The science we dug up on the topic confirms it’s much more than just a marketing ploy too. In addition to the antibacterial and cooling action of copper, Layla’s double-sided “flippable firmness” design makes this a mattress perfect for those among us that like to change things up now and then (guilty) or just aren’t sure what they want (guilty again.) This memory foam mattress is backed by a great warranty, in-home trial, shipping, and returns policy. We can’t promise you’ll love this mattress but we will say that Layla Sleep’s memory foam mattress is one of the best memory foam mattresses we’ve seen and we’d recommend it to friends and family.

Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress
Layla Memory Foam Mattress
The Layla Sleep memory foam mattress may be one of the most uniquely-conceived designs we've seen. Its copper-infused memory foam and flippable firmness design set it far apart from most other comparable mattresses. In addition to being a great sleeping and well-designed mattress—it also looks beautiful as well. We fell in love with this mattress and would recommend it to anyone interested in a memory foam experience to remember.
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