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Lindal Cedar Homes: Prefab Homes with Lifetime Warranty

Lindal Cedar Homes: Prefab Homes with Lifetime Warranty

  • Lindal Cedar Homes is the only prefab home company to offer a Lifetime Structural Warranty for each of their custom homes. Find out why they're one of the best prefab home builders today!
lindal cedar homes

In a world where we constantly think: things are just not made the way they used to be (followed by a loud sigh), Lindal Cedar Homes defies trends and offers exceptional craftsmanship.

The term “lifetime warranty” seems like a thing of the past, but Lindal Cedar Homes think otherwise: they believe you deserve a home that is built to last you a lifetime. Their prefab homes are eco-friendly, fully customizable living spaces that can be shipped anywhere in the world.

The Secret Behind The Best Prefab Homes

Lindal Cedar Homes’ green corporate culture permeates every step of its manufacturing process. The company uses exclusive kiln-dried Western red cedar to create dream homes with outstanding structural integrity. Their designs and fabrication process minimizes waste and effectively adapts to any environment to ensure it stays energy-efficient throughout the year.

Lindal Cedar Homes have planted over 50 million trees since 1990: that’s around 25 trees for every Lindal home built! The company is also part of the American Forest Global ReLeaf program and has planted over 100,000 trees in the name of its customers.

The company is also deeply attuned to their customers need and go above and beyond to guarantee they get the dream home they deserve. With more than 2,000 different floor plans to choose from, their catalog offers unique floor plans that fit all needs and wants. They’re also able to customize a specific floor plan to better match your budget and lifestyle!

Today we took a closer look at their massive catalog and picked some of our favorite prefab homes for this year. We hope you like them as much as we did!

Quick Ship Program Home Models

lindal cedar homes 1Source: Lindal Cedar Homes
Lindal Cedar Homes’ modern-styled quick ship house models often feature clean lines and lower-pitched roof profiles.

Lindal Cedar Homes’ experience in prefabricated residential construction has allowed them to create some of the best affordable prefab ADU homes in the market. Their Quick Ship Program stands as the perfect starting point to developing your home.

lindal cedar homes 2Source: Lindal Cedar Homes
Exterior decoration focuses on the use of neutral materials and subtle detailing.

As the program title states, this package presents you with a collection of their best-selling home projects. Each model is already drawn and put up to code to meet any final permit stage requirements, as they guide aspiring homeowners through a streamlined customization process.

lindal cedar homes 3Source: Lindal Cedar Homes

Kitchen areas are decidedly fuss-free, highly functional, and stylish.

Each home presents two stories in which generous-sized master suites, living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens fit modern or traditional interior designs alike, depending on your needs. Regardless of the model of your choice, the Lindal Cedar Homes team guarantees that you’ll get an energy-efficient residence built with sustainable materials.

lindal cedar homes 4Source: Lindal Cedar Homes
Quick ship homes take into account details such as color palettes (and construction materials) to better adapt each room to its purpose.

This package allows you to add office or studio modules to your home as well. These can be located on any floor and can vary in size to best serve your expectations for accessibility, privacy, and budget.

Small Homes, Cottages, and ADUS

lindal cedar homes 5Source: Lindal Cedar Homes
The Alder Studio Apartment model comes with a mid-century Southern California rooftop.

Lindal Cedar Homes team presents homeowners with stylish, cozy, and low maintenance home models that can work as chalets, cottages, or accessory dwelling units. Their Small Homes packages are remarkably versatile, ranging from traditional and classical designs to elegantly sleek modern & contemporary models.

lindal cedar homes 6Source: Lindal Cedar Homes
Small home floorplans use geometric patterns in their favor to increase their indoor appeal and use of space.

All the Lindal Cedar Small Home models are fully customizable. You can integrate an open floor plan to change your room distribution or add additional indoor spaces to your property.

lindal cedar homes 7Source: Lindal Cedar Homes
The Small Home package lets you choose from cottages, vacation retreats, ski chalets, and small dwelling units.

As you’ll notice in the picture above, the Small Homes package offers stylish, airy environments that fluidly maximize space. You’ll be astonished by how you can do in areas below the 500 square feet mark!

Classic Home Styles

lindal cedar homes 8Source: Lindal Cedar Homes
The Classic home line features a timeless design that fits into urban areas or remote locations alike.

Lindal Cedar Homes’ classic homes line merges casual elegance and livability with green planning and energy efficiency best practices. Homeowners fall in love from the get-go with the Lindal Cedar Homes team as they integrate panoramic views, vaulted ceilings, and attractive interior designs for their indoor spaces regardless of their home size.

lindal cedar homes 9Source: Lindal Cedar Homes
Prow home fronts allow homeowners to enjoy views of mountains, lakes, and natural sceneries.

The Classic Home package favors classical interior design, but there’s also leeway for architectural variety. Roof variations such as the one showcased by their Brunswick model’s prow-styled front prove this.

lindal cedar homes 10Source: Lindal Cedar Homes
Classical prefabricated homes consistently use the concept of Vitruvian proportions to maximize space and appeal.

The Brunswick home model’s kitchen area it’s an excellent example of how classical interior design styles favor elegance and lightness of touch. This space evokes a Greco-Roman sense of aesthetic beauty that sets the guidelines for negative and positive space distribution, artificial lighting, decoration, color, and even textures.

lindal cedar homes 11Source: Lindal Cedar Homes
The Lindal Cedar Homes Casa (classical) series comes with a spacious master bedroom.

In their Casa Islena home model, Lindal Cedar Homes fulfilled their client’s need for a spacious master bedroom that would lead into its sitting area surrounded by glass. The more space you have, the bigger the opportunity for Lindal Cedar Homes designers to present you with breathtaking solutions and designs.

Lindal Modern Homes

lindal cedar homes 12Source: Lindal Cedar Homes
Lindal Modern Homes let you choose and modify hundreds of ultra-modern house plans.

Lindal Modern Homes strives to express the best features that modern residential styles can bring to the table. Their team’s approach looks to satisfy their client’s needs by merging clean architectural lines with versatile, highly functional indoor spaces.

lindal cedar homes 13Source: Lindal Cedar Homes
Lindal Modern Homes are system-built beauties, backed by their exclusive Lifetime Structural Warranty.

Their wide selection of modern house plans features small and ample contemporary designs that include large open floor plans, and glass ceiling-to-floor walls in common areas and private quarters alike. More than a hundred completed projects attest to their capability when modifying any modern home style to their client’s needs.

lindal cedar homes 14Source: Lindal Cedar Homes

Lindal Modern Homes collection includes collaborative designs from the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architect graduates.

The Cascade 2493 model showcased above uses clerestory windows just below the roof-line to allow natural light to flood the room. All Lindal Cedar Home models are highly adaptable, allowing first-time homeowners to start small and expand their floorplan on demand.


Lindal Cedar Homes is a family-owned business founded in 1945 by Sir Walter Lindal. After serving the Canadian Army in WWII, Sir Walter started his own manufacturing company in Toronto, Canada.

The housing market saw a spike in its demand for new homes once World War II ended, and Sir Walter was one of the visionaries that sought out to meet the market’s demands. Sir Walter Lindal held 21 patents (including his own version of the A-frame) as well as numerous awards for his outstanding designs and innovations in the prefab homes industry.

Sir Walter’s descendants were actively involved in the company’s management and helped create a team of exceptional artisans with a deep respect for the craft and the environment. The company’s one-of-a-kind style, patented building methods, and strict quality controls continue to evolve three generations later.

This combination of innovation, expert craftsmanship, and rigorous quality control have allowed Lindal Cedar Homes to remain leaders in their industry for decades, developing a reputation for building houses with a lifetime warranty.


This family-owned company has delivered over 50,000 homes for 70 years, making them one of the best prefab modular home builders today. Their commitment to satisfying each customer while protecting the environment has allowed the company to break the mold from its inception. Lindal Cedar Homes continue to innovate and expand their already massive floor plan library to guarantee that every customer gets the home they’ve always dreamed about buying.

Their patented building system, premium materials, and time-tested designs allow them to offer remarkable homes at an incredible price. Their lifetime warranty and long-standing reputation make them an excellent choice for first-time and veteran homeowners alike. After browsing their catalog, it’s fair to say that each model is worthy of being considered some of the best affordable prefab adu homes on the market.