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Luxurious Contemporary House Design by Jaffa Group

Luxurious Contemporary House Design by Jaffa Group

  • This contemporary home showcases a masterful open-living-room design, inspiring contemporary furniture, and a wonderful sense of energy. This home illustrates the Jaffa Group's mastery of their art and is guaranteed to inspire!
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This beautiful estate located in White Pine Canyon represents the contemporary style in all of its facets. The contemporary mountain style architecture perfectly feeds into the open space feel and unobstructed views that make this timeless design so elegant.

Jaffa Group is known to create one-of-a-kind homes, and this project was no exception. The attention to line and space, geometric shapes, coupled with a calming and serene color palette creates a warm space full of sophistication and cleanliness that serves as a testament to this company’s commitment to excellence and love for the craft.

Trendy Contemporary House

contemporary house jaffa group home refinery 1Source: JAFFA GROUP

As you approach the house from its driveway, you’ll notice that integrating the hardscape to the landscape was an objective that Jaffa Group meticulously considered. The aspen trees surround the property and complement the rough stone walls and rustic wood that encase this utterly private hideaway.

contemporary house jaffa group home refinery 2Source: JAFFA GROUP

This magnificent living room instantly establishes the style for the rest of the interiors: calming, serene, and full of luxurious simplicity, clean lines that work with a complementary color palette that allows the property’s architectural elements to speak for themselves.

contemporary house jaffa group home refinery 2 1Source: JAFFA GROUP

The living room’s aesthetic is impeccable, the geometrical white swivel chair and deep granite-colored sofa tell us that only the best furniture brands were incorporated into this contemporary themed open space. Yet this space also respects and takes advantage of the major views that characterize white pine canyon.

contemporary house jaffa group home refinery 3Source: JAFFA GROUP

The living room and dining room transition is flawless. The flooring is kept simple, and it’s the home décor that’s responsible for shining in a sea of neutral harmony. The polished wood table beautifully reflects the natural light source or is able to cozily invite nocturnal guests with smoothly scented candles.

contemporary house jaffa group home refinery 4Source: JAFFA GROUP

The kitchen island’s quartzite surface veers from your traditional marble choice and maintains the contemporary color balance in the area.

contemporary house jaffa group home refinery 5jpgSource: JAFFA GROUP

This stunning kitchen features an architectural-grade rift-sawn white oak veneer. The wire-brushed texture with a custom satin and glaze brings the color scheme and sophisticated aesthetic together while maintaining basic functionality, room for appliances as well as allowing an always appreciated circulation space.

contemporary house jaffa group home refinery 6Source: JAFFA GROUP

As we move to the property’s second floor, the large segmented windows pane let natural light flow into the property and offer a mesmerizing look to its surroundings. The beautiful wooden floor once again contrasts with the white ceramic counterpart and patterned rugs.

contemporary house jaffa group home refinery 9Source: JAFFA GROUP

The home’s left and right-wing are connected by halls that perfectly capture the contemporary style’s simplicity: cleanliness with a play on texture, and colorful decorative elements that delicately adorn the journey between rooms.

contemporary house jaffa group home refinery 8Source: JAFFA GROUP

The hallway’s discrete black-framed window offers both mesmerizing views and an abundant source of lightning to guide your passage during the day. The beautiful black wood floor and decorative details flow with the rest of the property’s clear contemporary style.

contemporary house jaffa group home refinery 10Source: JAFFA GROUP

The bedroom is borderline minimalist: it evokes a quiet sense of glamour and tranquility that welcomes you after a hard day of work. At dawn, the ample windows allow nature and sunlight to greet you into a new beginning with the endless opportunities a new day offers.

contemporary house jaffa group home refinery 11Source: JAFFA GROUP

Colors sprout forth in this carpeted, gender-neutral bedroom for the home’s children. It’s the combination of artwork, textiles, and elements such as the geometrical lamp and the bright plastic lounge chair that invite creativity, fun, and conversations in this unique bedroom.

contemporary house jaffa group home refinery 12Source: JAFFA GROUP

The main bathroom diverts back to the house’s contemporary roots. The gentle mix of metal, marble, and wood feed into a sea of neutral colors that revolve around its leading light: the owner.

contemporary house jaffa group home refinery 13Source: JAFFA GROUP

The white oval freestanding bathtub welcomes you to your personal oasis. The nickel filler faucet flows naturally with the strong classical overtones that solemnly reign over this intimate room.


This magnificent contemporary home was designed and decorated by the Jaffa Group. You can find more information, pictures as well as information on other projects on the Jaffa Group website and their official Instagram page.