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5 Mind-Blowing Luxury Shipping Container Homes

5 Mind-Blowing Luxury Shipping Container Homes

  • Luxury shipping container homes are this year's hottest trend. Check out the most cost-efficient way to acquire your dream house today!
luxury shipping container homes

Luxury container homes are the solution to today’s often ridiculous housing market. This eco-friendly solution allows you to own your dream home at 30 to 50% of what it’d traditionally cost.

These homes combine several shipping containers to increase the total inside floor plan of the house. Many of these high-end homes only take 10-15 weeks to build and install, making them an incredibly viable answer to one of the most popular life goals: own a property.

Luxury Shipping Container Homes

Many of these luxury container homes are big enough to fit a family and allow them to live a life of lavish comfort. But the can also be amazing bachelor pads and vacation homes that rival the top-rated AirBNB out there. Today we’ve put together a list of inspiring shipping container home designs to help you visualize your next home. Let’s begin!

The Barber Builders Luxury Container Home

luxury shipping container homes 9Source: Barber Builders
Barber Builders has over 28 years of experience in the industry and know the ins and outs of luxury shipping container homes.

With almost 28 years of experience in the industry, Barber Builders create some of the best luxury shipping container homes. Their team’s work ethic and attention to detail give the company an edge, as evidenced in their 2018 Santa Barbara project.

Creating a luxurious home using shipping containers as their primary building element requires exceptional expertise. Understanding the shipping container’s native qualities and the residence’s structure requirements to create an efficient, eco-friendly structure can be a daunting task. But it’s clear that Barber Builders succeeded with breath-taking results.

luxury shipping container homes 10Source: Barber Builders
Barber Builders are exceptional artisans when it comes to custom cabinetry and casework.

The open space kitchen gives way to a gorgeous dining room and balcony area. Flooded by warm natural light during the day and exceptionally beautiful during the night, this luxury shipping container home offers a magnificent view to owners and guests alike. The family-owned business has extensive experience in custom cabinetry and casework, which allowed them to equip the area with matching top-of-the-line furniture.

The Container Build Group Hinterland Home

luxury shipping container homes 1Source: Container Build Group
The Hinterland is an iconic luxury shipping container home, featuring 450 square miles of refined taste.

The Container Build Group designed the Hinterland for a high-end market that prefers larger homes at a fraction of its regular price. Many luxury container homes choose to lay several containers to maximize the floor plan footage. The Hinterland does this, expanding the total inside floor plan of the house to an impressive 354 square miles.

With three bathrooms, seven bedrooms, a home office, and a loft, this luxury shipping container home is perfect for large families or couples that appreciate swanky, spacious living spaces.

luxury shipping container homes 2Source: Container Build Group
The Hinterland features three bathrooms, seven bedrooms, a home office, and a loft.

This luxury container home comes with a gorgeous kitchen: 40mm marble countertops, a spacious kitchen island, soft close cabinetry, and a large pantry for all your supplies. The kitchen, as well as the rest of the structure, is completely lined to insulate your home.

The Modulus Luxury Shipping Container Home

luxury shipping container homes 3Source: Modulus
Modulus proves that experts can build luxury container homes in almost any terrain.

This shipping container home is located deep within a wooded site and fluently synergizes with nature’s elements. This luxury container home features recycled shipping containers as the structure’s main component, a most suitable choice for the environmentally-conscious owners of this secluded yet opulent home.

Modulus successfully leveraged the location’s natural lighting, creating a delicate balance between exposure and privacy, as well as rustic craftsmanship and technological advancement.

luxury shipping container homes 4Source: Modulus
Modulus container homes offer glamour and functionality at incredible prices.

The dark mahogany exterior gives way to a glamorous interior charged with vibrant contrasts and all the commodities of a high-end home. This luxury shipping container home takes you away from the busy city life and its noisy anxiety and transports you to a quiet, comfy shelter.

The Honomobo Luxury Container Homes

luxury shipping container homes 5Source: Honomobo
Honomobo takes modular homes to the next level.

Honomobo is an industry leader when it comes to luxury shipping container homes. Their H series features seven different container home layouts that go from basic self-sustainable container homes to super luxurious living spaces. Their HO4 Shipping Container Home comes with two bedrooms, a living room, dining room, and a fully equipped kitchen that totals 704 square feet.

Their largest model, the HO6 features four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, and a large open concept kitchen, all of which come with fully customizable finishes and color schemes.

luxury shipping container homes 6Source: Honomobo
The Honomobo luxury shipping container homes are surprisingly eco-friendly living solutions.

The Honomobo Luxury Container Homes feature engineered commercial grade steel frames with superior strength and lifespan when compared to traditional residential building materials. Honomobo container homes are not only built 30% to 50% faster than traditional houses, but they also come with built-in renewable energy sources.

The Custom Container Living Luxury Homes

luxury shipping container homes 8Source: Custom Container Living
Studio display of container home options by Custom Container Living.

Custom Container Living is all about creating the perfect full-time home, vacation cabin, rental, or even business property using shipment containers. The Luxury 4 All 3 bedroom stitches together four shipping containers to create a total of 960 square feet of sheer splendor.

The 4 All 3 Bedroom comes with a beautiful open style kitchen with direct access to the living room/family room. The kitchen comes with full-size appliances, quality hand-made cabinets, and a large built-in pantry for all your storing needs.

luxury shipping container homes 7Source: Custom Container Living
The 4 All 3 Bedroom container home is perfect for bachelors or couples that value sophistication and comfort.

This luxury shipping container home also features a master bedroom coupled with a spacious master bathroom. This layout guarantees that you’ll enjoy the privacy and comfort of your walk-in closet and shower while your guests get to enjoy a gorgeous bathtub.


Luxury shipping container homes represent a generation’s shortcut towards a life of luxury. These incredible structures can be fully insulated and are sturdier than many traditional houses. They can also be completely lined to cover all of the container’s rugged surface.

This environmentally friendly solution not only contributes to the preservation of our beloved earth, but they’re also capable of offering all the commodities and glamour that traditionally built houses do. You may even incorporate a shipping container pool for exceptional lux and comfort! We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peek at your next dream home!