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Marguerite Rodgers: Luxury and Style in Harmony

Marguerite Rodgers: Luxury and Style in Harmony

Emma Wright
  • Marguerite Rodgers Interior Designs strike a perfect balance between quality, luxury, and style. Each commission incorporates masterful details that turn living spaces into tasteful art.
marguerite rodgers interior design

Marguerite Rodgers has earned a remarkable reputation as one of Philadelphia’s top interior designers. Her talented team goes above and beyond to turn residential and commercial spaces into memorable venues for its visitors.

What sets her work apart from other talented designers is her creativity and next-level attention to detail. Very few interior designers conceptualize such artistic depth in each of their commissions, and Marguerite’s team has consistently delivered for more than thirty years.

Marguerite Rodgers Interior Designs

The Marguerite Rodgers Interior Designs workshop is where these iconic designs are birthed into reality. This 25,000 square feet warehouse is a place where art and the culture of craftsmanship flourishes, where artisans of all disciplines gather to create something new.

This highly creative environment houses artists that collaborate on various projects with the firm. It’s also where color, textures, and materials blend to give way to iconic designs. Today we’ve taken a closer look at some of this firm’s projects and decided to feature some of our review team’s favorite work. Let’s start!

Marguerite Rodgers Collections & Editions

marguerite rodgers interior design 1Source: Marguerite Rodgers
Marguerite Rodgers’ unique visions and skills come together to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Marguerite Rodgers is a firm believer that an interior designer is only as good as their team’s work. Her relationship with talented craftspeople and artisans and her understanding of art and craftsmanship culture represent a clear edge over competitors. It allows her to design interiors full of quality and elegance regardless of the chosen interior design style.

Original furniture pieces and accents must always reflect the essence of a room so its space can reach its full aesthetic and functional potential. The picture above showcases a classy dining room set that serves in perfect harmony with this residential project. By using neutral and earthy colors, Margaret delivers a healthy and pleasing environment for family and friends.

marguerite rodgers interior design 2Source: Marguerite Rodgers
Decorative arts, material culture, travel, and history are instrumental for Marguerite interior design projects.

Her furniture editions and collections often feature antique, vintage, and one-of-a-kind pieces that are hand-picked for residential and commercial projects. Over thirty years of experience allow Marguerite’s team to create and make use of furnishings, finishes, and details that ease the senses or energize rooms depending on the occasion.

Residential Projects

marguerite rodgers interior design 3Source: Marguerite Rodgers
Marguerite’s understanding of artistry and craft allows her to create interiors that resonate with the owner’s personality and tastes.

The foundation of an interior space is a fundamental concept to understand. The latter is an essential part of producing a sense of harmony that makes walking into a room a pleasurable experience from the get-go. In this Center City condo project, Marguerite wanted to showcase the homeowner’s extensive collection of art, artifacts, antiques, textiles, and furniture without compromising the room’s balance between its negative and positive spaces.

The result was the eclectic dining room featured above: a scenery full of glamour that maintained a neutral palette to reflect proportions and sensibilities that obey Aristotle’s theory of the golden mean.

marguerite rodgers interior design 4Source: Marguerite Rodgers

A curated mix of pieces from different cultures enriches the condo’s hallways.

Marguerite’s well-founded criteria rely on making the best use of specific interior design principles and elements. By taking into account concepts of space, texture, and patterns (that blend in the hallway featured above), Marguerite honors the homeowner’s travels and stirs powerful emotions. The result: a set of carved sapele mahogany doors from India that complement the building’s modern architecture.

Hospitality Projects

marguerite rodgers interior design 5Source: Marguerite Rodgers
Marguerite Rodgers produced spaces in which diners could experience Philadelphia’s vibrant culture.

Marguerite Rodgers was commissioned by XIX Nineteen, one of Philadelphia’s most successful restaurants, to create a scenery of timeless appeal that would reflect the city’s storied past. Together with her team, she materialized a modern interpretation of a classic Philadelphia treasure, allowing diners to enjoy the sweeping views of the city’s downtown.

marguerite rodgers interior design 6Source: Marguerite Rodgers
Symmetry, sophistication, and appeal to antiquity are reflected in XIX: Nineteen restaurant areas.

Classical interior design styles are known for their elegance and lightness of touch. These spaces evoke western antiquity’s sense of aesthetic beauty in architecture and decorations. It’s a style that relies on Greco-Roman columns, stonework, ironwork, and contrasting colors.

marguerite rodgers interior design 7Source: Marguerite Rodgers
Marguerite’s team consistently applied Vitruvian proportions to convey a sense of beauty.

By using the venue’s windows and numerous openings, Marguerite favored reflective surfaces so that sunlight could provide abundant natural lighting.

Marguerite combined the venue’s windows and numerous openings with reflective surfaces to maximize natural lighting during the day. The composition features Dorian floor patterns, nineteen-century furniture pieces, and Phoenician purple velvet textures in a stunning circular dining area.


Marguerite V Rodgers was born in Bethesda, Maryland in 1953. Her family eventually settled in Maine, where Marguerite’s love for crafts and artistic tendencies would flourish. Marguerite decided to relocate to Philadelphia’s urban lifestyle and become a freshman at the University of the Arts in 1972. During her sophomore year, she would design and craft commissioned furniture for clients, proving herself more than capable of understanding materials and transforming them into highly-functional pieces.

Rodgers’ talent was already in high demand, which allowed her to participate in a series of boutique, gallery, and residential projects before graduating. In 1993, her design of the Striped Bass (a nationally recognized establishment) caught the attention of Esquire magazine. Their review positioned her as one of Philadelphia’s top designers at a very young age and gave way to many future projects.

Rodgers would continue to supervise and work on numerous high-end residential projects, as well as condominiums, hotels, and restaurant commissions. Her extraordinary work on the historic Bellevue Hotel, specifically on the 19th-floor restaurant, convinced owners to revitalize the Rose Garden ballroom, meeting rooms, guest rooms, and hallways with Marguerite.

Today, Rodgers also serves on the Design Advisory Board for Moore College of Art & Design and the Executive Cabinet of the Leaders of Design Council. Her commitment and love for art have reached the New York Times, Esquire, and Bon Appetit, expanding her well-earned reputation to international shores. Rogers exhibits a masterful skillset of both design and decorating among all projects.


Marguerite Rodgers and her talented team share an unwavering commitment to innovation and their client’s satisfaction. The firm turns residential and commercial spaces into iconic places with a level of artistic depth that sets itself apart from others.

After thirty years of success in the industry, Marguerite’s talented team shows no signs of slowing down. Instead, their well-earned reputation continues to expand to reach an audience with a taste for the finer things in life. Feel free to visit her website and introduce unparalleled beauty and serenity to your living spaces with just a few clicks!