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Method Homes: Energy-Efficient Prefab Houses

Method Homes: Energy-Efficient Prefab Houses

Emma Wright
  • Method Homes builds sophisticated prefab homes that protect the environment. Check out some of their most stylish and budget-friendly homes for this year!
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Method Homes are one of the leading prefab home companies today. Their homes feature sustainable materials, systems, and practices that keep energy bills low throughout the year. Their modular houses also come with inspiring exteriors and cozy interiors you’ll yearn for.

Their residential and commercial structures are known to obtain Leed, Energy Star, and other certification standards that help the environment. Their vast prefab home catalog also offers performance and energy upgrades you can choose from to guarantee your home resonates with your design tastes and lifestyle at all times.

Zero Net Energy Prefab Homes

Few prefab home companies can achieve Zero Net Energy status, and Method Homes is one of them. Zero Net Energy, also known as ZNE, is to have a building that produces the same amount of renewable energy onsite as it consumes over a year. It’s an eco-friendly feature that helps homeowners keep their energy bills lower while positively contributing to our planet’s conservation.

By combining specialized materials, systems, and practices, Method Homes delivers affordable homes with unique modern aesthetics you’ll love. Our review team has taken a closer look at their catalog and hand-picked some of our favorite models to date. Let’s begin!

Simpatico Series

method homes 1Source: Method Homes
The Simpatico series offers fully customizable modular designs that adapt to your needs.

The Simpatico Series are highly customizable prefab home designs resulting from a collaborative work between Swatt Miers Architects and Method Homes. The series comprehends three distinct models: The Courtyard House, 2-Story Infill, and the 2- Story Courtyard. Each of these modes is an evolution of its predecessor, which gives homeowners the chance to start small and readapt them as they see fit.

Every prefab home model of the simpatico series is a net-zero energy home, including features such as a solar voltaic system (solar panels array, batteries, and connecting grid). Their energy-efficient system makes the Simpatico series one of the best affordable prefab ADU homes in the market today.

Annata Series

method homes 2Source: Method Homes
The Annata Series combines oak cabinets, expansive glass, and multi-slide windows to create elegant organic spaces.

Method Homes and Chris Pardo Design joined efforts in creating a couple of prefab home designs that seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor ambiances.

The Annata series comes with a mirrored open floor plan in which kitchen, dining, and living room areas converge in the center. Bedrooms are located in opposite wings for added privacy, making them ideal modular homes for couples that wish to have a secluded guest room.

Cabin Series

method homes 3Source: Method Homes
This Method Homes Prefab Cabin features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an optional daylight basement.

Method Homes also offers their Cabin Series prefab homes after another fantastic collab with Prentiss + Balance + Wickline Architects. This series features five different models depending on what homeowners need in their floorplan layouts (which can range from over 1,290 square feet, all the way up to 2,600 square feet).

While cabins are the perfect venues for vacations and retreats, they can certainly function as houses that reside outside of city confines. Method Homes prefab cabins are tailored to homeowners’ needs by either adding additional indoor spaces or refitting them. These models come with optional basements for storage or a spacious garage for your vehicles.

Elemental Series

method homes 4Source: Method Homes
Elemental Prefab homes combine cutting-edge architecture and highly-efficient modern designs.

The Elemental Series is a line of sophisticated and energy-efficient modular homes. Method Homes knocked it out of the park by allowing homeowners who love modern designs to prefabricate houses with a distinct loft architectural appeal.

Six different floorplans allow you to customize with any interior color palette and finishes of your liking. These models come with optional self-sufficiency upgrades and alternative room distributions that include second-story decks or detached garages.

Option Series

method homes 5Source: Method Homes
This Option Series home features a butterfly roof with a solar photovoltaic system, giving it a futuristic appeal.

The Option Series is the outcome of yet another remarkable collaboration between Grouparchitect and Method Homes. These are some of the best affordable prefab ADU homes in the market when you consider their beautiful roof styles, finishes, and sustainable upgrades.

The Option series presents three models that allow aspiring homeowners to choose single, double, and triple story houses. Each can include bathrooms, bedrooms, communal areas (even garage units) in different distributions thanks to Method Homes’ process of merging modules based on a custom home floorplan.


Brian Abramson founded Method Homes in 2007 with a clear mission: building thoughtful, sustainable structures using an innovative construction process. Their talented team has elevated prefab structures into precision-engineered, net-zero modular homes that offer aspiring homeowners a new chance at life.

Acquiring your dream home in today’s economy might not be possible through traditional construction methods. Method Homes, however, offers a way for you to fulfill your life goals in a sustainable, affordable, and self-sufficient way that will also help preserve our planet. Brian Abramson and his team’s visionary work helps us conceive a future where high-end living, affordable housing, and a greener earth all coexist, making them one of our favorite prefab home builders today.