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10 Mid-century Modern Decor Ideas for your Living Room

10 Mid-century Modern Decor Ideas for your Living Room

  • Modern mid-century style adds sophistication and 1950s glamour to any home. Check out our team's favorite mid-century décor ideas for your living room!
midcentury modern decor ideas

Elegance often speaks for itself, and it’s a phrase that represents that mid-century style is all about. Uncluttered and with minimal ornamentation, mid-century style adds luxury through furniture, color balance, and functionality.

Cara Greenberg’s revolutionary book put a name to this interior design style and has grown in popularity ever since. This classic, understated look continues to be a design trend this year due to its ability to add artistic depth and sophistication to rooms at lower prices.

Mid-century Modern Décor Ideas for your Living Room

Mid-century modern décor is perfectly attuned to today’s interior design trends, making them ideal choices for almost any room. Midcentury furniture pieces are known for their clean-lines and slick design that seamlessly fit into contemporary, modern, and even Hollywood regency properties.

Today we’ve decided to share our review team’s favorite mid-century modern décor ideas to help you bring this timeless style into your home without breaking the bank!

Add a Mid-Century Sofa or Sectional

albany park mid century sofaSource: Albany Park
The Albany by Albany Park does well to capture the mid-century design and can make a tremendous impact on living room design

The Albany Mid-Century Sofa is an excellent illustration of the powerful impact one’s sofa or sectional can have on overall room impression. Couches, sofas, sectionals, and even chairs serve not only as key pieces of furniture to daily use but they also serve as key pieces of design focus. That’s to say: they are among the first things your guests will notice!

Finding a well-designed mid-century sofa or sectional will help capture the essence of mid-century design motif for your room. This will echo throughout the rest of the room’s décor, influencing the impression of every item. If there are décor that are almost mid-century in design, they will be perceived to be more mid-century.

Introduce Vibrant Colors

midcentury modern decor ideas 2Source: Interior Illusions
Midcentury offers color schemes beyond the traditional black and white palette.

Interior Illusions masterfully created this colorful modern mid-century living room. This large living room combines polished marble floors and large white walls to leverage the abundant natural lighting in its favor and relies on accent furniture to shift the focal point as needed. The azure seats and sophisticated dandelion round ottomans electrify the room with lively colors and intuitively invite guests to gather and bask in luxury.

Integrate Blackened Steel Surfaces

midcentury modern decor ideas 3Source: DTC Portland
Blackened steel surfaces add mid-century flair to any living space.

One of our favorite mid-century modern décor ideas for living rooms is turning minimalist spaces into something new and fresh. Don Tankersley & Co. combined the residence’s light wooden floors and white walls with an extraordinary blackened steel surface that houses a fireplace and the living room’s TV. This sophisticated surface modifies the current color scheme and introduces mid-century flair to this residence. The addition of modern artwork and a gorgeous rug magnificently ties the composition together.

Include a Marbled Fireplace

midcentury modern decor ideas 5Source: VanillaWood
Marble adds a touch of glamour perfect for mid-century living rooms.

One of our favorite mid-century modern living room ideas comes to us from Vanillawood. This glamorous mid-century modern living room features a rich white and brown palette with interesting gradients at play. The furniture and décor feature some art-deco reminiscent metallic accents that also perfectly complement the room. But it’s the Calacatta Gold marble surrounding the fireplace that takes this composition to the next level.

Black and White Living Room with a Twist

midcentury modern decor ideas 10Source: Forte Building
This large 1950s open concept living room adds color and greenery to blow your mind.

Forte Building has over 25 years of experience building exceptional custom homes for its clients. It’s rare for highly creative teams to match their ambitions with cutting-edge craftsmanship, but this Nashville company has managed to do so.

This modern custom-made midcentury living room features a two-sided fireplace and a wall-mounted TV to keep its visitors warm and entertained, and it also comes with a colorful twist. The azure and dandelion cushions coupled with the bright womb chair add a mix of color and artistic depth to the room while the abundant greenery sprouts vitality into the composition. This arrangement of colors and quality furniture makes this midcentury living room a sight to behold.

Utilize Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Doors

midcentury modern decor ideas 6Source: ThoughtCraft Architects
Floor-to-ceiling glass allows you to incorporate the outdoors as part of your living room décor.

This gorgeous mid-century modern living room by ThoughtCraft Architects combines luxurious indoors and convenient access to the property’s backyard. The tufted sectional sofa and top grain Italian leather lounge chair create a sophisticated central room that invites guests to sit back and enjoy the scenery. The floor-to-ceiling glass offers direct access to the residence’s modern backyard as well as the gorgeous meadow, creating an intuitive inside-outside living flow to this area.

Shift to a Transitional Living Room Layout

midcentury modern decor ideas 7Source: NMA Architects
This project proves that a coat of painting and a furniture arrangement change can make all the difference.

NMA Architects masterfully recreated this modern living room true to modern mid-century style principles. The roof framing and configuration are taken straight from the 1950s structures and crowns an impeccably decorated living room. The transitional living room features a glossy anchor grey furniture arrangement, a built-in fireplace, and a well-placed TV that entertains guests in both areas.

Caramel Gradient Mid-Century Living Room

midcentury modern decor ideas 8Source: Schicketanz Studios
This midcentury living room successfully deviated from a traditional black and white color scheme.

Schicketanz Studios skillfully recreated a marvelous caramel mid-century living room during a San Francisco project. The leather sofa and mahogany coffee table perfectly match the redwood paneling to create a clear focal point in the room. The polished floor and high-gloss bright walls help establish a lovely contrast throughout the living room. By using an innovative color scheme, this living room projects sophistication and glamour true to mid-century style.

Include some Art Deco Flair in your Living Room

midcentury modern decor ideas 9Source: New Urban Homebuilders
This living room combines art deco flair with midcentury elegance.

The New Urban Home Builders multidisciplinary team worked alongside the owners to restore this midcentury modern home to top-notch conditions. By adding windows throughout the living room, visitors can now peer into the property’s lush backyard and enjoy natural light during the day. The metallic lamp and furniture accents take a page from art deco style and elegantly merges with the room’s slick midcentury furniture array to create an elegant living room.


Midcentury modern interior design will continue to trend this year, mainly because of how well-attuned it is to current needs. The iconic pieces that marked an era have revived and adapted to current square-footage and budgets, allowing well-versed homeowners to acquire glamorous vintage pieces that add artistic depth to their spaces. Many of our favorite modern living room ideas are also applicable to commercial settings and matching pieces can be found on the best online furniture stores today!