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7 Inspiring Modern Backyards for Any Home

7 Inspiring Modern Backyards for Any Home

  • Transforming your backyard into a fancy area for guests is easier than you think. Take a look at how these modern backyards turn into elegant social grounds!
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Modern backyards are outdoor residential spaces where nature merges with a home’s architecture. These yards turn into fuss-free, elegant patios that turn plant life into sculptural elements and focal points.

Conceptually, modern backyards are all about blending indoor and outdoor living. By merging modern design principles and nature’s gifts, these areas combine a bit of hardscape and clean furniture to create stunning, uncluttered social spaces.

Modern Backyard Advantages

Modern backyards are trending not only because of their appealing aesthetics but also because of the practical advantages this style offers. The minimalist influence this style exerts on this area allows you to reimagine your backyard to reduce clutter and maximize your square footage.

This style also encourages you to leverage greenery to redecorate the patio area, allowing you to save money on furniture and decor. Modern backyards use existing plant-life and geometrical shapes to evoke relaxation, deep-thought, and the singular pleasure of basking in simplicity. Pools, water fountains, and fire pits are some of the most common additions that help you elevate your patio’s aesthetics to new heights as well.

Without further ado, we want to share with you some interesting modern backyard projects from renowned curators to get a glimpse of what this style can bring to your home:

Modern Backyard Remodeling by Pacific Coast Builders

modern backyard inspirations 1
The Kreis Grennan Architectors team integrated a gorgeous wooden deck to create a secluded modern backyard.

Your modern backyard should synergize with your property’s architecture. In this case, Kreis Grennan Architecture leveraged the wall that delimits the residence to create a secluded, yet inspiring modern backyard that welcomes its exclusive guests.

This modern backyard follows the golden rule of continuity by exhibiting repeating colors and materials throughout the mid-garden section. The gorgeous wooden deck contributes to the vibrant brown color gradient present in this lush and elegant social area.

A Versatile Modern Backyard from Inside & Out

modern backyard inspirations 2
Inside & Out designed a drought-tolerant modern backyard in this San Francisco venue.

The Inside Out design team specializes in elevating your home’s aesthetics and making the most out of every inch of your living space. In true modern fashion, they transformed a San Francisco patio area into an inspiring modern backyard with three scenarios that allow their owners to enjoy the surrounding nature.

Notice they chose a cornered fire pit with matching patio chairs, a dark wood embedded patio furniture set, and a forward outdoor barbeque table. This modern backyard offers its guests comfortable seating options and a wide variety of activities to make the most out of the day.

Minimalist Inspired Patio by The Design Laboratory

modern backyard inspirations 3
This modern backyard patio features a fire pit, roof extension, and a casual outdoor dining area.

The Design Laboratory has an award-winning team of home design professionals with vast experience in residential projects. In this Phoenix house project, they created a modern backyard landscape that would fit the house’s architecture.

This multi-staged patio leverages modern design and minimalism to create three stunning locations. First, we notice a gorgeous deck that welcomes up to four occupants near the firepit, which seamlessly transitions into a comfortable sitting area with a deployable roof extension for stormy weather. The last section is perfect for holding casual dinners with friends and family under the starry sky, allowing this modern backyard to host just about any type of gathering you could think of.

A Midcentury Modern Backyard from Design By Sundown

modern backyard inspirations 4Source: Design by Sundown
Inspired by 1950s concrete patio designs, this midcentury modern backyard offers fresh air and comfort to its guests.

Design by Sundown believes that outdoor spaces are central to our experiences and quality of life. This firm gathers an outstanding team of professionals that redefine everything homeowners knew about their living spaces.

Most designers feel challenged when faced with repurposing reduced spaces, often with good reason. But The Sun Down team saw an opportunity to change this home layout.

The team managed to create an elegant modern backyard perfect for socializing and relaxing, in true Scandinavian fashion. The perimeter structural-wall enabled the team to embed an L-shape outdoor sofa and match it with a beautiful concrete table and built-in fire pit. This previously unreclaimed space now elegantly hosts small gatherings, late nightcaps, and even romantic dinners if the mood strikes!

Stylish Modern Backyard Remodeling by DZN Partners

modern backyard inspirations 5
DZN Partners remodeled this two-story residence to include a stylish modern backyard.

Many modern backyards take a page from minimalism and remind us that sometimes, less means more. The DZN design team took on the Rodgers Residence project and created an incredibly sober and clean modern backyard for the property.

The loft-style home office directly connects with a lush garden that invites you to sit on the conveniently placed contemporary accent chairs by the fire pit. You can almost feel the night’s breeze as you take a break from a demanding project and bask in your modern backyard’s simple beauty.

A Multipurpose Modern Backyard from Bertolami Interiors

modern backyard inspirations 6
This modern backyard uses clean garden lines to match the house architecture.

Bertolami Interiors has everything you need to take on small and big home projects alike. They offer project management, renovation consulting, and design & build services to materialize your dream house.

The owners of this San Francisco (Lafayette) venue decided to remodel their patio and add modern flair to it. The Bertolami Interior design team carefully created a modern backyard with stunning aesthetics and endless enjoyment possibilities for the whole family. The result was this gorgeous area, perfect for relaxing with close friends, hosting pool parties, or working out during the mornings with a personal trainer.

The concrete encasings for a fire pit, an infinity edged spa, and club-type outdoor furniture strike a perfect balance with the greenery, reuniting peaceful Asian Zen style with sober modernity.

A Whole House Remodel Where Modernism Triumphs

modern backyard inspirations 7Source: Draco Design + Construction

The DRACO designer team combined simplicity with elegance to recreate this modern backyard.

DRACO Designs + Construction is known for its mind-blowing mid-century and modern residential projects, and the San Mateo Highlands Eichler remodel stands as living-proof of their expertise.

This modern backyard combines modern aesthetics, mid-century influence, and gorgeous landscaping to create an elegant social area. The stamped concrete patio guides your guests to an evening of excellent food and memorable stories under the night’s sky. During the morning, the gorgeous wooden deck invites you to step outside and enjoy the sun’s warmth, and forget for the briefest of moments of your earthly worries.


Modern style concepts require the spatial use of geometric elements, making different design concepts within this style similar to each other. Modern backyards also need a landscape design in which geometry, cleanness, lack of clutter, natural materials, and native greenery create a soothing ambiance. This unique combination of factors makes modern backyards perfect for leisure, social and relaxing activities that reconnect homeowners with nature.

Another major advantage to modern backyards is their versatility when it comes to space, especially if you decide to add outdoor furniture to the mix. Large and reduced can benefit from this design style and help you turn unused spaces into unique gems that will thoroughly amaze your guests.