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7 Modern Kitchen Ideas to Inspire

7 Modern Kitchen Ideas to Inspire

  • What does "modern" design make you think of? These modern kitchen design ideas will expand your definition and surely inspire your next home kitchen design project!
keen architecture modern kitchen design

Kitchens have been called the hearts of good homes. They are among the most energetic and industrious spaces and serve to fuel our daily lives. Modern kitchen designs incorporate all the needs of daily life in a sleek and minimalist style.

These kitchen design ideas will inspire whether you’re renovating an existing kitchen, designing a new one, or just imagining your dream kitchen. The designers featured here have demonstrated their mastery of modern design. Let’s take a look at some of the best modern kitchen designs out there.

Rustic Modern Kitchen With Reclaimed Wood + Stone

modern rustic kicthen bar seating bates massi homerefinerySource: Bates Masi + Architects
Rustic modern design by Bates Masi + Architects showcasing natural woods, stone, and modern styles

This modern kitchen design by Bates Masi + Architects features a captivating combination of sleek modern lines and rustic reclaimed wood materials. The wood wall paneling commits this space to a very natural feeling that is further complemented by the stone countertop and backsplash.

White Modern Kitchen With Natural Wood Barstools

white modern kitchen messana ororke homerefinerySource: Messana O'Rorke
This modern kitchen design by Messana O’Rorke showcases wonderful natural wooden accents.

This design by Messana O’Rorke stages a modern style with crisp white materials all around. The natural wood accents add a splash of color, texture, and personality to this kitchen that ultimately creates a warm and welcoming space. The modern faucets and hardware-free drawer fronts put this design over-the-top.

Crisp White Surfaces + Built-in Storage

modern kitchen washinton dc jennifer gilmer design homerefinerySource: Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath
Ultra-modern kitchen island design by Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath

This kitchen design by Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen displays a prominent modern kitchen island featuring high-sheen cabinetry. The minimalist bar pulls and sink faucet makes this a truly modern look. The subtle use of textures on the wall, combined with glossy-white surfaces, create a ultra-modern accent for this one-of-a-kind kitchen.

Custom Cabinets + Hexagonal Flooring Tiles

modern kitchen custom cabinets by cliq studios homerefinerySource: CliqStudios
This custom kitchen by CliqStudios has an incredible hint of traditional elements as well.

This kitchen showcase a custom design by CliqStudios that provided a truly-custom answer to a tough space. The custom cabinetry stags a thick stone top (matching the adjoining wall color incredibly) and a white-on-white color palette. The hexagonal tiling on the floors, paired with the framed drawer fronts, keep a flavor of traditional accents in this room.

Wooded Views + Built-in Dining Area

maxima 2.2 modern kitchen by cesar kitchens homerefinerySource: Cesar
The Maxima 2.2 is a modern kitchen design by Cesar

The Maxima 2.2 by Cesar is a versatile base style that offers customizable preferences to cater to a wide range of homes. This display showcases a long kitchen island with a combination dining area. The dark natural wooded work surface and stone accents make this captivating design perfect for those seeking modern, customizable solutions. The Maxima also offers additional storage options for those in need of more cabinet space.

Black Island + Natural Wood Accents

keen architecture modern kitchen designSource: Keen Architecture via Dion Roberson
Modern kitchen design by Keen Architects

This open kitchen design by Keen Architects features a mysterious black island with matched-finish bar stools, a black-stainless refrigerator, and built-in counter lighting. The glossy, hardware-less cabinetry and large outdoor portal make this one of the most characteristic modern designs on this list!

Dual Island Rustic Kitchen

modern farmhouse remodel home refinery 2Source: Jeff Herr Photography, Inc.
Dual kitchen island modern setup by Alan Clark Architects.

This stunning modern kitchen design by Alan Clark Architects features a state of the art dual kitchen island distribution. These islands feature recessed-panel cabinets with a black matte finishing that beautifully maintains the modern overtones of the home. While the u-shaped kitchen area also has a dining area, these kitchen islands can easily accommodate unannounced guests for a casual meal, and provide much-needed storage for the chef.


Modern kitchens can stage a minimalist look perfect for no-nonsense lifestyles. They draw focus to a lack of clutter and merit close consideration by all. The modern kitchen ideas here prove that the modern style does not have to be synonymous with bleak or lifeless. The talented designers featured here show that even the smallest accents—such as natural woods, stone tops, or captivating lighting—make modern kitchens warm, energetic, and inviting.