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Pink Traditional Twin Bedroom Design by Balcon Studio

Pink Traditional Twin Bedroom Design by Balcon Studio


Twin bedroom designs are always interesting. The unique ways by which designers showcase the underlying duality of the design can either inspire or hinder. This masterful work by Balcon Studio definitely falls into the category of inspiring.

Luxe Traditional Twin Bedroom Style

Traditional designs always lend an interesting contrast to youthful spaces. Sure, a double twin bedroom design works great as a guest room but such design is almost magnetic in its pull towards our youthful imagination.

This design has it all, from pink flamingos to silver-sparkles—yet somehow never goes over the top. Moscow-based Balcon Studio truly has outdone themselves with this captivating design.

balcon-studio-pink-flamingos-twin-bedroom-homerefinery-2Source: Balcon Studio

Here you can see the pink crushed velvet matching twin beds, accented with tasseled bolsters, throw pillows, and subtlety-striped silk bedding. The birds-on-birds choice for wall decor might not sound great on paper but is executed beautifully here.

balcon-studio-pink-flamingos-twin-bedroom-homerefinery-1Source: Balcon Studio

This angled view of the bedroom shows the dimensionality of the headboard-hopping rabbits, the elegant curvature of the bedside table, and the soft wispy window dressing that spans from floor to ceiling keeping everything bright and inviting.

balcon-studio-pink-flamingos-twin-bedroom-homerefinery-3Source: Balcon Studio

Opposite the beds, we have a well-fit writing desk of such style to match the traditional curvature of the bedside table. The turned-post design fits well with the traditional look of the chairs. Again, Balcon takes what might sound horrible on paper (sparkling silver seatbacks) and somehow keeps things respectable.

balcon-studio-pink-flamingos-twin-bedroom-homerefinery-4Source: Balcon Studio

This final turn of the camera brings us back to the entryway and showcases a beautiful mirrored wall unit. This piece lets the impression of space take a tear through our imaginations and the tassels on the door handles keeps everything tied together. The custom framing on each mirrored panel brings out just a hint of the roaring 1920s that one might—if only briefly—feel transported to early 20th century Manhattan.

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For more pictures and information on this project, and others like it, visit the Balcon Studio Interior Design website or check them out on Instagram.