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Casper has helped redefine the mattress industry by helping to evolve a new direct-to-consumer sales model—often referred to as the Bed-in-a-box model. This unique approach has revolutionized the way consumers are able to buy mattresses online. Casper’s innovation has catapulted them to the front lines for consideration of having the best mattresses on the market—but there’s a powerful story to behind their raise to fame as well.

Rising Star Turned Market Leader

Casper was started just a few years ago by a handful of founders that had one powerful idea—to make a more affordable mattress. The mattress industry has long-since been victim to unruly markups much beyond that seen within similar markets. Blame it on slow innovation, rampant consumerism, or near-monopolistic footprints in the market—it makes no difference. Casper developed a fairly radical new mattress design which was able to be shipped, vacuum-sealed, in a box small enough for standard ground carriers like FedEx and UPS to deliver. Their next step was the move that created a wake in the mattress industry that has since swollen into a tidal wave—now bring about ground-up changes to the industry.

Bed In A Box

After engineering a powerful new mattress design, Casper leveraged its ability to ship easily and decided to offer direct-to-consumer sales. That’s to say; Casper sidestepped traditional retail business models and began a viral online-marketing campaign driven by their own eCommerce website. To back up their innovative new sales model, Casper provided extensive in-home trial periods during which buyers could return products if not happy, impressive product warranties, and marketing campaigns that were unignorably infectious! All this was supported by their innovative packaging and mattress design that allowed for free shipping through standard ground carriers such as UPS. This uncommon attribute for mattress company catalyzed the Bed in a Box moniker that’s commonly used to describe the distribution model today. Casper kept things simple starting out, offering a single foam mattress design targeting Millennials much in the way IKEA has—through engaging social media mediums. Their success was seen nearly overnight, with an estimated $2 million in sales within their first 18 months. Since their conception, Casper has evolved into an everything sleep manufacturer which now sales pillows, sheets, duvet covers, and even dog beds!

Innovative Mattresses

Casper now offers three unique styles of mattresses; the Casper, the Essential, and The Wave. Each of these mattresses offer a different level of pricing, marked by their inclusion of several different features. Their signature mattress, The Casper, is a 4 layer foam mattress designed to offer the benefits of memory foam mattresses while avoiding many of the pitfalls such as thermal retention and sinking. This has become largely-regarded as one of the best mattresses on the market today and continues to receive rave reviews. Casper has announced their intention to expand into brick-and-mortar based retail spaces in the coming months which will be a first for the online-only mattress brand. Casper mattresses have found incredible successes through their online business model. Industry analysts and competitors alike are likely keeping an avid eye to see how this next move goes over.

Overall Impressions

Casper is, without a doubt, one of the top mattress brands on the market today. For the amount of money invested in their products, anyone can have a quality mattress for a fraction of traditional retail price. Their unique direct-to-consumer sales model, backed by their bed-in-a-box design, has allowed Casper to rapidly carve out a section of the market for themselves. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, are trying to start sleeping better, or are just looking for an exciting change—Casper mattresses are a great place to start your search!

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