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For those that haven’t heard of the Purple Mattress brand—you’re in for an entertaining tale. This company was started by two brothers that endeavored to create a product that would help people that used wheel chairs. Their goal was to create a more comfortable cushioning system that not only provided better support but also helped to avoid such problems as pressure sores. Of this endeavor; the brothers Pearce were inspired to continue their search for better materials which eventually led to the development of the hyper-elastic polymer (stretchy plastic) mattresses design that’s considered by many to be the best mattress on the market today.

A Company Is Born

Purple mattresses were created after the realization that current mattresses were way overpriced and dreadfully lacking in comfort. Until this point, the hyper-elastic polymer materials that were heralded within the medical community had been limited in their size to that of pillows and cushions. Purple invested a tremendous amount of time and money to develop a new manufacturing system known as The Mattress Max, which allowed for the production of much-larger cushion sizes—namely mattresses! In the years to follow, Purple sought to not only offer a revolutionary new type of mattress but to also reinvent the way mattresses were sold. Rather than relying on traditional retail practices which result in heavy markup, Purple began selling directly to consumers. This new sales model has swept the mattress industry by storm in recent years and stands to change it forever. Purple manufacturers their own products, packages them in such a way that allows for shipping via standard domestic carriers such as UPS and FedEx, and sells them directly via their website and other online marketplaces such as Amazon.

Remarkable Innovation

Shortly after their foray into the wheel chair market, Tony and Terry Pearce found themselves with a remarkable new material that proceeded to be licensed by many medical equipment manufacturers. This type of elastic polymer that was developed allowed for the unique redistribution of weight in such a way to alleviate pressure points. Within the medical industry, technologies such as this are essential to long term patient care in circumstances where mobility is limited. The advanced technology developed by the Pearce brothers earned them over 30 cushioning patents alone, and would pave the way for their launch of the Purple Mattress Company.

Quality Mattresses & Quality Support

Purple has a truly unique product. In business, this is often the only thing needed for a successful launch into an existing market rife with competitors. That’s to say; if you’re product offers something that buyers haven’t seen before it’ll likely have a chance to succeed. Purple sought to magnify their chances for success by also creating a better quality product. In addition to the innovative design of the Purple mattress, they are produced using recycled food-grade materials which are allergen free, nontoxic, and CeriPUR-US Certified to ensure product safety.

consumers feel more comfortable shopping online—knowing that a purchase of a Purple mattress is virtually risk free

These extra measures combined with Purple’s unique direct-to-consumer sales model, combined with their unique mattress design have afforded them a tremendous amount of success. They are regarded by many as being one of the best mattress brands in the world today. Purple also offers a 100 night in-home sleep trial period during which you can return your mattress for a full refund for any reason. This has helped consumers feel more comfortable shopping online—knowing that a purchase of a Purple mattress is virtually risk free. After this period ends Purple mattresses are backed up by a 10 year warranty.

Overall Impressions

Purple is one of the most innovative mattress brands on the market today. Their unique imagination of what mattresses could be has stemmed from an already well-received technology developed under the high-demands of the medical industry. Their mattresses are designed to help relieve pressure points, instigate air flow, and are backed by a serious guarantee policy. We’ve seen a lot of mattresses in our search for the best mattresses on the market but Purple is by far one of the most unique brands we’ve seen. If you’re looking for a mattress capable of addressing concerns of pressure points, you’ll have a hard time finding an option more suitable than the Purple Polymer mattress.

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