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Rustic Urban Twin Bedroom by Boxwood Design Company

Rustic Urban Twin Bedroom by Boxwood Design Company


Twin bedroom designs are always fun to observe. Syle is just as important as any other project but the implication of twin residents requires more personalization. This twin bedroom design featured by Becky Wark of Boxwood Design company showcases the possibilities of home-made design.

Rustic With a Twist

The materials used in this room design show how great ideas don’t have to necessarily mean great [big] budgets. The framed sheets of corrugated aluminum capture a prominent space in one’s field of vision and really works well to hammer in the duality of twin bedroom design.

boxwood-design-co-twin-bedroom-rustic-modern-farmhouse-letters-home-refinery-1Source: Boxwood Design Co.
This twin bedroom design by Boxwood Design Co. showcases how a few materials and a little DIY can go a long way! The bedframes were hand-made using standard lumber for the frames and slats, while a more reclaimed material was choses for the headboards.

boxwood-design-co-twin-bedroom-rustic-modern-farmhouse-letters-home-refinery-2Source: Boxwood Design Co.
You’ll note the use of plywood sections for the storage baskets. The stenciled numbering gives this room an undertone of early childhood development and fits well with the overall design. The finish choices are far from refined but work well in this environment.

boxwood-design-co-twin-bedroom-rustic-modern-farmhouse-letters-home-refinery-3Source: Boxwood Design Co.
You can see here the repeated usage of cutout letters to indicate each of the presumed resident’s names. This is a nice touch for a Twin bedroom design and helps set the room’s residents apart from one another—at least inasmuch as one might better guess which twin is on which side of the room!

Final Thoughts

Twin bedrooms are some of the most exciting designs out there because they have so much context from the get-go. The first thing one might ask upon seeing such a room is “are the twins identical?” Be it intrigue—or be it inspiration—this twin bedroom design by Boxwood Design Co. leaves a lasting impression.