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S2A Modular: Affordable, High-Tech Prefab Homes

S2A Modular: Affordable, High-Tech Prefab Homes

Emma Wright
  • S2A Modular offers the most eco-friendly, high-tech modular homes in the market. Their advanced technology and method take modular homes to new heights, combining luxury and self-sustainability.
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S2A Modular believes in Tesla’s vision of “producing your own clean energy” to create a world-class, self-sustainable structure built with eco-friendly materials.

This powerful combination has allowed their prefabricated homes to earn a reputation as high-tech, net-zero living spaces that provide electrical self-sufficiency. Their talented team believes it’s possible to enjoy the commodities and luxuries of modern life while preserving the environment and has built their products around this belief.

Luxurious Prefab Homes

S2A Modular allows you to choose between more than 35 pre-designed, high-end floorplans or custom-design your luxury home from scratch. All their homes come with their exclusive, proprietary technologies that handle all phases of energy: generation, storage, and management.

S2A prefab homes are long-term investments built with sturdy biodegradable building material. Its advanced engineering design is combined with next-level insulation methods to efficiently run on a home energy storage system that keeps bloated energy bills away. In fact, you might even generate passive income if your home contributes energy to its grid!

Today we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the best affordable prefab adu homes the company offers and list some of their most remarkable features for you!

The S2A Tesla Model 1

s2a prefab homes 1Source: S2A Modular
The Greenlux Tesla Model 1 comes with 3,245 square feet of luxury and quality craftsmanship.

The Tesla Model 1 modular prefab home is part of the new line of S2A Greenlux modular homes. The Greenlux models include an optional infrared heating element under the flooring, capable of providing warmth and comfort using 1/3 of the energy a traditional system uses.

This system is completely silent and can provide heat between cycles, offering gentle and uniformly distributed heat at safe levels. The system has no moving parts, filters, or lubricants which makes it low-maintenance and efficient. It also draws power from your self-sustainable home, ensuring you get the best of both worlds: luxury and cost-efficiency.

The S2A Tesla Greenlux Model 3

s2a prefab homes 2Source: S2A Modular
Greenlux homes are state-of-the-art Modular Smart Homes that connect with your smartphone or tablet.

The Tesla Greenlux Model 3 comes with an impressive 3,883 square feet of advanced engineering and glamour. Their S2A Modular custom app allows you to control lights, windows, climate control, cameras, thermostats, and more!

You can control any of these settings from your office’s desk or anywhere else in the world. You can even create “modes” that customize specific settings that balance comfort and energy consumption down to the last kilowatt!

The S2A Greenlux Model 9

s2a prefab homes 6Source: S2A Modular
The S2A Greenlux Model 9 features 2,756 square feet of modern exteriors.

The S2A Greenlux Model 9 comes with a breath-taking modern exterior that makes it stand out from standard modular homes. The Greenlux series all feature affordable eco-friendly building materials that drastically reduce costs during the construction phase.

Plant fibers and hurds are subjected to extreme heat and pressure to form a biodegradable material that “fossilizes” and makes the structure stronger over time. These fire reflective materials also keep your home safe from mildew, mold, and termites, making it an ideal long-term housing alternative.

The S2A Greenlux 21 Model

s2a prefab homes 7Source: S2A Modular
The S2A Greenlux 21 Model offers a more classical exterior with an ample 2,652 square feet interior.

The S2A Greenlux models all feature world-class materials and finishes that make them ideal summer homes. Their Tesla Powerwall technology allows this self-sustainable home to turn into a remote, self-sustainable summer vacation home if you so desire.

Most modular factories offer limited options when it comes to roof width or pitch, but S2A prefab homes offer next-generation solutions for 13-feet tall roofs as well as stylish flat roof options. You can pick between single-story, two-story, or fully custom-designed floorplans for your home too!

The S2A Greenlux 23 Prefab Model

s2a prefab homes 8Source: S2A Modular
The S2A Greenlux 23 Prefab Model offers a 690 square feet, single-story floorplan.

The S2A Greenlux 23 Prefab Model is the ultimate summer home cabin for bachelors. The S2A Greenlux series comes with a self-sustainable lighting system that eliminates inefficiencies thanks to its advanced components and FreeVolt Graphene Solar Panels. S2A builders can install this fireproof system in record time since it requires no heavy gauge copper wires, metal conduits, or junction boxes.

The interiors and home floorplan can also be fully customized to match your ideal space distribution. Once your home is ready, you can adopt a stylish beach house-style interior to enjoy your low-maintenance house by the beach!


S2A Modular was founded in 2018, and it has already partnered with industry giants such as Tesla, LG, Mitsubishi, and others in their search to revolutionize the housing industry. John Rowland and his experienced team started S2A Modular with one goal: to build environmentally friendly and sustainable homes.

These homes would feature new and dramatic architecture, that together with technology and advances in modular construction, would change the construction industry as we know it. The Greenlux series feature homes that make a difference in the environment: they no longer rely on an outdated power grid and instead generate enough power to sustain themselves and even feed the grid. Their search to make housing affordable, self-reliant, and eco-friendly has changed everything we thought we knew about modular living.


S2A Modular floorplans are incredibly diverse, ranging from ADU Granny Flats to complete housing developments and hotels. These modular homes are built off-site in their state-of-the-art facilities and apply to traditional mortgage financial systems, making them some of the most budget-friendly alternative housing solutions out there.

The company’s vision and commitment to the environment make its products stand out from the rest. More than prefab homes, the Greenlux series are next-generation homes that allow you to enjoy the comforts of modern life while preserving the environment.