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Saatva Luxury Plush Soft Mattress

Saatva Luxury Plush Soft Mattress

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Saatva Luxury Mattress

The Saatva Luxury Plush Soft is the softest among the three mattresses in the Saatva luxury mattress lineup. Saatva Mattresses are a brand that has oft flown under the radar of those who have limited their shopping to retail chain stores. Saatva sells directly to consumers through their website which has allowed them to offer substantially-lower pricing for luxury mattresses such as the Luxury Plush Soft. The Luxury Plush is regarded by many to be the best mattress on the market today and learning more about it can help reveal why!

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Saatva mattresses were among the first mattresses being sold online, directly to consumers. By taking this approach, they’ve been able to drastically cut the cost of their final price. Not only does this allow consumers to save money but it’s also afforded Saatva the ability to include many more features in their mattresses than those you might find in stores. For example, traditional mattresses feature a ‘soft’ top layer resting on a single bed of steel coils. Saatva mattresses feature several additional layers of materials in their mattresses to help provide robust support and comfort. In contrast to many mattress designs, the Saatva lineup features a built-in foundation which is constructed of a bed of steel coils similar to what you’d find in regular mattresses. In addition to everything amazing about their products, Saatva mattresses are also wrapped in an all Organic Cotton material to ensure a toxin-free experience.

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Saatva’s luxury plush mattress has several distinct layers, all of which play an important role

Innovative Layered Approach

Saatva’s luxury plush mattress offers a unique five-layer design to address the most common issues one faces when sleeping. These include heat and temperature control, contour support, and motion transfer. After all, if you’re hot, uncomfortable, and constantly disturbed by your partner you’re probably not sleeping well! That’s what a Saatva mattress is designed to do though—help you sleep better!

Layer One

The topmost layer is Saatva’s Euro pillow top design. It is made of several unique layers itself and much thicker than many comparable designs. It is wrapped in an Organic cotton material and treated with Saatva’s Guardin® botanical antimicrobial fabric treatment to help preserve freshness and cleanliness. This top layer can be customized to suit sleeper preference at the time of order.

Layer Two

The second layer is a memory foam designed to help relieve stress from the lumbar region (lower back) throughout the night. Memory foam is noted for its ability to contour to subtle shape disparities in one’s back and is an ideal choice for lower back support. Check out our article about how to find the best mattress for back pain for a deeper discussion on that.

Layer Three

The Saatva’s third layer features a bed of individually-wrapped microcoils to offer both contour support and increased breathability. This is a modernized version of the innerspring design and is much better suited for reducing motion transfer.

Layer Four

This layer is made of a traditional innerspring design where all the springs are wound together. This open-air design helps to provide excellent airflow throughout the night while at the same time providing added foundational support.

Layer Five

This layer isn’t exactly a layer as much as it is a supportive wrap around the two layers of springs. This coil-encasement layer extends around the perimeter of the spring layers and also beneath to help maintain a strong and well-defined edge. In other words, this layer keeps you from sliding off the bed in the middle of the night!

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Saatva Mattresses are luxury products that are backed by excellent warranties and service agreements.

Buying & Guarantees

Let’s face it: you can’t really know how much you like a mattress until you’ve slept on it for a while. Even mattresses that might feel incredible in stores are susceptible to feeling uncomfortable after a couple of months. Having a strong system of returns, repairs, and warranty is essential to creating a quality mattress. Saatva understands this well and offers tremendous support for their products. Check out our guide to bed and mattress sizes to ensure your bed will fit your new Saatva mattress!

120-Night In-Home Trial

Saatva offers a very competitive 120-night trial period during which you can sleep on their mattress without being committed to purchasing it. Well, sort of. You still have to buy it first but they’ll give you a refund if you don’t like it. We worded it so strangely just to help you prepare to navigate the minefield that is mattress marketing.

15-Year Warranty

Mattresses are no small purchases and it’s important to ensure you won’t be left hanging with when something goes wrong. Saatva offers a 15-year warranty during which you can have your mattress recovered and repaired for the cost of shipping ($99 there, $99 back.) During the first 2 years, however, Saatva will replace any defective mattresses at completely no cost. This is a pretty sweet deal in our opinion, especially for a mattress that has to ship back and forth.

Free Shipping

Saatva mattresses are NOT bed-in-a-box designs and are not able to ship in vacuum-sealed boxes with FedEx or UPS. Saatva does offer a free white-glove delivery service throughout the entire United States. This helps ensure that the only price you have to suffer is the one on the tag (or website in this case!) This delivery service is the same that will pick up your mattress during the first two years should something go wrong, or during the first 120 nights if you simply decide the mattress isn’t for you!

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Saatva is considered a luxury mattress but has a much more reasonable price tag since it’s direct-to-consumer.

Overall Impressions

Mattresses can be a pain to shop around for. The mattress industry as a whole has seemed to have been historically more dedicated to profits than consumer interests. Saatva is a brand that stands out from the normal mattress brands. Their direct-to-consumer sales allow product such as their Luxury Plush Soft mattress to provide features seen only in ultra-luxury consumer models at a fraction of the cost. This mattress comes with a 120 night in-home trial period, a 15-year warranty, and free white-glove delivery. This mattress is also available in two different thicknesses; 11.5″ or 14.5″ which is noticed in the height of the base region. Overall, the Saatva Luxury Plush pillow-top mattress is one of the best mattresses on the market and available at an astoundingly affordable price. If you’re seeking a luxury sleeping experience and haven’t yet given Saatva your consideration—we’d recommend you do so!

Saatva Luxury Mattress
Saatva Luxury Plush Soft Mattress
The Saatva Luxury Soft Plush Pillow-Top Mattress is an incredible mattress design offering features often reserved only for the highest tier of mattresses. It features a built-in support base to replace common box springs (or not), is wrapped in organic cotton, has a layer of individually-wrapped coils, and ships for free!
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