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Saatva: Luxury Mattresses at an Affordable Price

Saatva: Luxury Mattresses at an Affordable Price

Saatva Mattress in Room Homerefinery

Saatva has been in business since early 2010 and has been endeavoring to provide consumers with a better mattress ever since. In the dawn of the Bed-in-a-box brands, Saatva’s luxury line of mattresses continues to offer an unprecedented number of features. Many of the new mattress brands on the market will tell you how much money they save consumers, but Saatva embodies that approach.

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Mattress For Better Sleep

Saatva mattresses boast quite the array of features, blowing most other models out of the water. These mattresses aren’t the skimpy little cuts of foam many bed-in-a-box companies would argue to be ‘innovative’. Saatva’s line of Luxury mattresses is a herald of the power the internet has provided manufacturer’s to connect directly to their target consumers. No middlemen; no overpricing—just quality products at reasonable prices! Saatva has further endeavored to provide a better night’s sleep by developing their mattresses with spinal health in mind. Their mattresses contain what are referred to as a ‘spinal support zone’ which features a ‘densified’ foam layer. This approach has been engineered to help support the most critical areas of spinal health. In addition to this area, Saatva’s choice to gravitate towards the pillow-top design for their mattresses has offered yet another layer of support for both spinal health, as well as avoiding pressures points. This type of layered top support system allows comfortable contouring of nearly any sleep position.

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Saatva is considered a luxury mattress but has a much more reasonable price tag since it’s direct-to-consumer.

Buyer Conscious Brand

Historically, those seeking a luxury mattress have had to prepare themselves to spend at least $2500 to pick out a winner. Even then, the shopping period is usually limited to brief in-store experiences. 5 minutes on this bed, 5 minutes on another—who could really ever tell how a mattress would truly sleep in such a manner. Saatva has capitalized on this misnomer among retail stores and connects to consumers in such a way as to bolster confidence. Not confidence in the brand—or even their product—but confidence that buyers will be able to change their mind if the mattress doesn’t work out! Saatva mattresses come with a risk-free 120 night in-home trial period during which one can return their mattresses for a complete refund—no questions asked! This powerful evaluation model has helped propel Saatva’s direct-to-consumer sales model among the leaders in the mattress industry.

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Saatva’s Luxury mattresses are covered in an organic cotton top

Innovative Options

Their luxury mattresses offer up to 14.5” thick versions, wrapped in Organic cotton, made with two layers of coils, topped with 5 layer foam pillow tops, and are available in 3 different types of firmness. Even the most expensive in-store mattresses don’t offer such features as Organic cotton. While Saatva’s lineup of luxury mattresses are likely one of the best mattress collections on the market today—they are easily one of the best Organic mattress options. In a traditional mattress set up, buyers are told they must have a mattress—often overpriced—and also must purchase a box spring set. Box springs are among the biggest rip-offs in the world and often consist of little more than a few yards of cheap fabric and $5 worth of wood. Saatva’s luxury mattresses, on the other hand, have a sort of built-in support system to help replace this often unneeded feature. This added support layer features a secondary spring layer designed to provide holistic support throughout the night. This layer sits directly underneath a layer of individually-wrapped microcoils which are designed to help reduce motion transfer.

Saatva Mattress in Room Homerefinery
Saatva Mattresses are luxury products that are backed by excellent warranties and service agreements.

Overall Impressions

Saatva is an innovator in an already innovative market. Their 120-night in-home trials, 15-year warranty, and free shipping have propelled them to the forefront of the mattress industry today. Their Luxury Mattress line touts features often reserved for beds affordable only by celebrities and professional athletes at a price affordable by nearly everyone. Their mattresses are available in a wide range of firmness options, as well as thickness options. Overall, a Saatva mattress is likely to improve the sleeping experience of anyone and is highly recommended as one of the best mattresses on the market today.

Saatva Mattress in Room Homerefinery
Saatva: Luxury Mattresses at an Affordable Price
Saatva Mattresses are high end luxury mattresses priced at a mid-range price. Their luxury plush lines offer buyers with an unprecedented amount of value for their money and make use of such materials as Organic Cotton. Saatva reviews continually rave about the quality of sleep found with these mattresses and Saatva offers excellent support and incentives to make buying one an easy decision.