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Sag Harbor Living Room by Kate Singer

Sag Harbor Living Room by Kate Singer

Katie Singer Sag Harbor Blue Living Room home refinery 0

Cape Cod is one of the quintessential American styles and carries a strong sense of historic roots. It’s often captured with light colors, oceanic accents, and more traditional furniture.

Kate Singer’s Sag Harbor project showcases all of these attributes and more—showcasing a somewhat transitional display. This light blue living room is complemented by beiges, and light greys emulsified by bright natural sunlight and shades of white. Whether you live in a Cape Cod-style home or not you’re sure to find inspiration here.

Cape Cod Living Room Design

Katie Singer Sag Harbor Blue Living Room home refinery 0Source: Kate Singer

This shot showcases the use of light blues as complementary to the overall space. The traditional accent chairs, along with the captivating blue artwork give this entire space a feeling of a seaside abode. Note the muted colors and soft greys that work with the blues—not against them.

Katie Singer Sag Harbor Blue Living Room accent chair home refinery 2Source: Kate Singer

This close-up of the blue accent chair shows the traditional details presented throughout this living room. The detail on the footstool is absolutely astounding and the finish used on the wood is well-balanced by the presence of the wood storage box on the bookshelf. Note the grey metal sneaky through the floor lamp’s white rub-through finish—another expression of attention to detail that makes this living space such an incredible experience.

Katie Singer Sag Harbor Blue Living Room home refinery 1Source: Kate Singer

This angle showcases yet-another-footstool with mesmerizing carvings and detail. The decorative urns, slate-grey concreate fireplace, and metal tubed-cocktail table create a grounded sense of power. The chamfered edge design of the fireplace and the tubed cocktail design bring a slight modern flavor to this space but, collectively, still don’t encroach on being accused of being presumptive.

Katie Singer Sag Harbor Blue Living Room flowers books home refinery 2Source: Kate Singer

There is no designer greater than Mother Nature and this shot showcases a beautiful harnessing of that talent. The light blue patterned curtains are also an excellent addition and lend their support both in the form of color and theme. Note the use of the contemporary accent table here which, again, brings a modern flavor to this often totally traditional Cape Code style.

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