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Scandinavian Home Remodel by Hilles Homes Extensions

Scandinavian Home Remodel by Hilles Homes Extensions

  • Hilles Home Extensions has remodeled an otherwise traditional house, into a sublime and minimalist home inspired in Scandinavian design. Life today seems stressfully cluttered with things and information, so the idea of returning to a cozy home devoid of superfluous items, clean lines, and impeccable natural lighting is quite simply idyllic. Check out how they did it!
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Scandinavian design emerged in the 1950s from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, as a complete opposite of the traditional, often cluttered approach to home décor. Minimalism, refined by clean lines in the architecture and a color palette that maximizes brightness in a room quickly rose this design to popularity throughout Canada and the US.

Hilles Home Extension’s team understood the hygge philosophy and state of mind that accompanies Scandinavian design and managed to create an absolutely stunning modern Scandinavian home. The different types of lightwood used throughout the property, a neutral and sober color palette, and the exquisite art of creating coziness while maintaining functionality make this a truly special project.

Gorgeous Minimalist Home Remodel

scandinavian home remodel home refinerySource: Hille's Home Extensions

As you enter the property, the Scandinavian design’s minimalist focus becomes evident: the black nested lamp serves as the hallway’s main and only accent and, in tandem with the door, creates an evident contrast with the white, clean walls. The light wooden floor completes the color overture and invites guests to delve deeper into the property.

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The living room is spectacular: the Danish light wood floor delicately blends in with the room’s beige walls while the windows black wooden frames, (as well as the black-framed fireplace) continue to delicately balance the contrasts. True to Scandinavian design, there is an absence of clutter when it comes to furniture, allowing everyone to enjoy the convenient indoors negative space

scandinavian home remodel home refinery 2Source: Hille's Home Extensions

Ample lighting and a smooth color palette that allows rooms to remain bright are essential in Scandinavian design, and the team at Hilles has represented this to perfection. The large windows connect the property to the backyard and elevate the brightness in the room. The carefully distributed lamps keep the living area just as cozy during the evenings.

scandinavian home remodel home refinery 3Source: Hille's Home Extensions

Scandinavian design is known to bring warmth to a home through the use of textures. Each cushion has unique and fun patterns and textures that may not break from the house’s overall color palette, yet still offer room for quirky customizations. The open concept living room conceived for this area allows quick access to both the kitchen, diner, and backyard.

scandinavian home remodel home refinery 4Source: Hille's Home Extensions

The kitchen, true to its minimalist heart, presents a drop-in sink, gray backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and a gorgeous island capable of accommodating several guests. The island top and walls white tones help keep the kitchen area bright, cohesive, and uniform.

scandinavian home remodel home refinery 5Source: Hille's Home Extensions

This mid-sized Scandinavian open concept kitchen is incredibly clean-lined. The light wood floor perfectly complements the shelves and cabinets installed during the remodeling. The gorgeous light grey marble used for the kitchen top allows for a beautiful transition between the white walls and black kitchen appliances, creating a sublime, refined space.

scandinavian home remodel home refinery 6Source: Hille's Home Extensions

The idea of an open concept kitchen design is beautifully captured in this image: the soft, light gray countertop of the kitchen island, the simple, yet elegant dining table, the gorgeous living room with its black-framed fireplace and the glass door that lead to the property’s black yard are all masterfully interlocked and easily accessible.

scandinavian home remodel home refinery 7Source: Hille's Home Extensions

The backyard is easily approached through the living room’s sliding doors. There are outdoor cooking and gathering areas outlined by the wood floor, as well as a delicately preserved green area for the property’s tree and plants. Clutter is avoided even in open green areas, and the plants are regularly maintained to keep the backyard presentable and graceful.

scandinavian home remodel home refinery 8Source: Hille's Home Extensions

This bathroom also exudes simplicity. The white walls, single sink, and furniture-like cabinets seamlessly adapt to the light wooden floor present in the rest of the residence. The available space is maximized by avoiding ornate décor that would otherwise clutter the area.

scandinavian home remodel home refinery 9Source: Hille's Home Extensions

The main bathroom features a modern black tile gray floor and a double-sink freestanding bathtub. This bathroom inspires pristine serenity to anyone that enters, as the grey walls and countertop perfectly mix the rest of the room. The greenery encased in a black vase is as delicate as it is welcoming, another major hallmark of Scandinavian design.

scandinavian home remodel home refinery 10Source: Hille's Home Extensions

Scandinavian design stays true to its hygge philosophy by using blankets and pillows rich in texture and patterns to decorate and provide warmth to its owners. This intimate chamber also allows for greater room in customization and décor options. The colors remain consistent throughout the home and the bedroom is no exception, but the owners elegantly decided to install a painting and make it the room’s focal point and combine it with a soft rug exclusive to this room.


Hilles Homes Extensions has expertly channeled the very essence of Scandinavian design. The company’s 60 years of experience improved this home’s functionality, flow, and appearance at every turn with great levels of detail and care for the home owner’s visions and dreams. You can find more of their projects by visiting their website and official Instagram page. We highly recommend you visit them.