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Serena Dugan: Thought-Provoking Paintings & Wallpapers

Serena Dugan: Thought-Provoking Paintings & Wallpapers

Emma Wright
  • Serena Dugan's mastery of layering and composition is legendary. Check out her latest lines of wallpapers and paintings here!
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Serena Dugan is a talented California-based textile designer and artist. With a 20-year background in design and extensive education in Psychology and Fine Arts, her work is nothing short of unique.

You might recognize Serena from Serena & Lily, a home and lifestyle business that she helped develop into a well-known brand with multiple stores across the USA. Serena has spent the last three years reconnecting with her artistic roots, and the result is nothing short of stunning and fresh.

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Serena Dugan’s background in Psychology and Fine Art gives her a clear edge over most artists. Her understanding of patterns and how our mind and senses perceive them already adds a layer of subtle complexity to her work. Combined with 20 years of experience as an artist and textile designer, her talents and skills allow her to materialize some of the best wallpapers available today. Join us in our rediscovery of the new Serena Dugan Studio and her fabulous work!

The Serena Dugan Jacinto Bisque Wallpaper

serena dugan studio 1Source: Serena Dugan Studio
The Jacinto Wallpaper pays homage to cultures that live on opposite sides of the world.

The Serena Dugan Jacinto Bisque Wallpaper is a product of Serena’s journeys to exotic locations. This gorgeous wallpaper pays homage to Colombian basket weaving traditions and visual motifs found in Asian villages on the other side of the globe. The world certainly holds many mysteries, namely how two different cultures share remarkable similarities in their weaving and use of textures. The Jacinto Wallpaper embodies these mysteries and transforms your rooms into a refined contemporary space.

The Serena Dugan Bahia Grand Wallpaper

serena dugan studio 2Source: Serena Dugan Studio
The Bahia Grand Wallpaper takes inspiration from Brazil and its lush tropical foliage.

The Serena Dugan Bahia Grand Wallpaper stands as one of the best beach house wallpapers for this year. The gorgeous palm leaf design brings Brazil’s casual beach life to your home without causing sensory overload, making it an excellent pick for your beach house nursery. The wallpaper also features a lawn green finish and a stylish black and white scheme that fits modern tastes.

The Serena Dugan Sangria Wallpaper

serena dugan studio 3Source: Serena Dugan Studio
The Serena Dugan Sangria Wallpaper takes inspiration from the coastal town of Cassis in Southern France.

The Cassis Sangria Wallpaper showcases Serena’s mastery over patterns in classical design. By combining shapes, rhythm, and striking colors, the Sangria wallpaper evokes an old-world charm that perfectly fits traditional homes. The Cassis Sangria is carefully printed on handwoven grasscloth in the USA to create an incredibly detailed and durable wallpaper for your home.

The Blues Painting by Serena Dugan

serena dugan studio 4Source: Serena Dugan Studio
The Blues Painting by Serena Dugan welcomes melancholy and deep reflections in a timeless color palette.

The Blues by Serena Dugan is another magnificent composition that traces its origins back to Orquevaux, France. Serena attended her first art residency in this magical place, allowing her to tap into the source of her creativity and painting skills. The Blues hold mysteries as deep as the ocean: longings from past lives and paths that were never taken, with lovers and tales that patiently wait for us at the bottom.

The Ophelia Painting by Serena Dugan

serena dugan studio 5Source: Serena Dugan Studio
The Ophelia Painting by Serena Dugan bursts with colors and shapes to energize the room.

The Ophelia is part of Serena’s artistic renaissance, and it beautifully represents the return to her roots. This thought-provoking dance of shapes allows your mind to wander and find new stories every day. You might perceive the story of chaos and order manifesting themselves through the abstract, in an eternal dance that creates marvel and awe. Regardless of the tale, this gorgeous piece will add chic flair and artistic depth to any room lucky enough to showcase it.


Serena Dugan leads one of the hottest up and coming Art Studios this year. Her vast experience as Chief Creative Officer of Serena & Lily and knowledge are unique toolsets that few artists possess. This combination of knowledge and talent allows her to produce gorgeous wallpapers and thought-provoking paintings that can change a home’s aesthetic in a single swoop. Her pieces bring artistic depth and marvelous color combinations to any room in the house, making them must-have additions for pattern and textiles lovers’ homes.