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Simple Tips to Get Rid of Cockroaches Inside Your Home

Simple Tips to Get Rid of Cockroaches Inside Your Home

  • Trouble keeping the roaches away? These simple tips could help make short work of these troublesome pests.
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There aren’t many more unsettling sights in your home than encountering pests. Insects, rodents, spiders—they can all infiltrate your house and make you feel vulnerable. They can also be a health hazard, not to mention embarrassing.

Cockroaches are among the least wanted house guests that can make their way into your place. These ugly critters multiply quickly and prolifically. They also can live just about anywhere in your house and do so under many conditions.


Cockroaches are active at all seasons of the year in all parts of the country. They come in a variety of different species and can be as large as 2 inches long. These pests often make their presence known at night when they are on the lookout for food and water.

If you have discovered cockroaches at home, you do not want to wait for a second to take steps to eliminate them. Fortunately, there are some practical ways to do this.

Do the Dishes

dirty dishes pest removal
Dirty Dishes attract a wide range of pests

The kitchen is one of the most favorite places for cockroaches to hang out. Dirty dishes in the sink or on tables and counters will attract these creatures quickly. Leaving out dishes with leftover food is an open invitation for roaches to invade. After meals, rinse off your dishes and load them in the dishwasher or wash them by hand. Before you head for your bed for the night, make sure no dirty dishes or utensils are sitting out.

Clean the Counters and Tables

clean table dishes
A tidy table helps minimize crumbs and other particles that will attract pests

Crumbs, food particles, and other remnants of food and beverages will also beckon to cockroaches. As you do dishes at night, make sure to thoroughly wipe off the counters and tables in the kitchen as well. If you have taken food into other parts of the house, ensure that any surfaces are clean and free of debris.

Food is not the only thing on tables and counters that will attract cockroaches. They also love grease that so often builds up or remains on stovetops and counters by the stove. After cooking on the stove, be sure to wipe down this area and nearby surfaces.

Sweep the Floor, Run the Vacuum

sweeping up crumbs

If your home is like most places, your floors take plenty of abuse during mealtime. It will not be enough to clean off your counters and tables. Cockroaches will easily detect food on the floor too. Sweeping hard floor surfaces and vacuuming the carpets are a must throughout the day. It is also a wise idea to mop the kitchen and bathroom floors regularly. A clean floor will discourage cockroaches from rearing their ugly heads.

Secure Pet Food

Ainsworth 2 Container Food Storage Set homerefinerySource: Ainsworth
The Ainsworth 2 Container Food Storage Set keeps pet food safe from pests

Cockroaches will not only go after your leftovers. They also have an affinity for dog food, cat food, and other things that your pets might eat. If you have indoor animals, make sure you clean up spilled pet food.

Keep bags of pet food on secure closets or drawers. Cockroaches can also thrive in garages, so if you keep pet food there, make sure it’s appropriately sealed in bags or other containers, like the Ainsworth 2-container petfood storage system.

Buy Some Traps

black flag cockroach trapsSource: Black Flag
The Black Flag pest trap is an excellent DIY solution

Despite your best efforts to keep your home clean, you may still have a cockroach problem. A thorough cleaning can help to prevent infestations, but additional action may be necessary. You might have to seek ways to kill these pests actively. You can purchase traps at your local grocery store or home improvement store.

Highly-rated products like the Black Flag Pantry Trap are available online or in most major home goods stores. One of the most popular ones uses bait to lure the cockroaches into a device covered in a sticky substance. The roaches become trapped inside the device. Be advised that you may not see immediate results. You should also place the traps in a variety of locations throughout your home.


roach bait kitSource: Combat
DIY Roach bait traps can work on smaller infestations

Another product you can purchase at the store includes poisons that kill roaches and their offspring. This option appears to the roaches as food but is, in fact, an insecticide. After eating the poison, the cockroaches will head back to their nests and spread the poison to other roaches.

The best places to put the poison include the garbage cans, under sinks, and kitchen and bathroom cabinets. You can also find sprays to apply directly to roaches you find, killing them almost instantly.

Boric Acid

boric acid white powder
Boric acid offers a powerful option for dealing with troublesome pests

Outside of store-bought poisons and traps, you can also use other easy-to-find products. Boric acid is a popular method because it does not pose harm to pets. It is also odorless, so when you use it, you should not notice its presence. You can put the acid in places where roaches enjoy nesting and where they look for food.

You can use the acid by itself or mix it with powdered sugar. You can put it just about anywhere. Some of the best places to use are in cabinets, behind and under furniture, and in cracks in the wall or floor. After walking through it, the cockroaches usually die within two or three hours.

Call an Exterminator

aptive pest control vehicleSource: Aptive
Professional pest control companies like Aptive provide a range of full-services to help deal with any pest

If you try all of these methods but do not get the results you want, it may be time to call the professionals. Exterminators are also a good option if you have a severe infestation of cockroaches as they have the skills, experience, and equipment to kill them effectively and prevent them from returning. Aptive Environmental pest professionals will use proven techniques to not only get rid of roaches you currently have at home but to prevent more bugs from coming later.

As you look to hire a professional extermination company, choose technicians who are licensed and insured. You can also read online reviews and vet various providers in the area to see which ones will best meet your needs. If you know of family members, friends, or neighbors who have dealt with similar roach problems, it is also a good idea to ask for recommendations.

Final Thoughts

You should not have to live in fear that cockroaches will overrun your home. It is possible to keep these pests from making the rooms in your house their home. Follow these suggestions, and you can have a property free of these nagging critters once and for all.