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Southern Charm Traditional Home by Wyrick Residential Design

Southern Charm Traditional Home by Wyrick Residential Design

Emma Wright
  • Wyrick Residential Design curated this Houston, Texas residential project through a beautiful execution of the popular traditional style. A combination of classical European elements, dark & warm tones, and patterned textures are incorporated to create this cozy, rustic yet orderly and much pleasant home.
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The traditional style is widely used in many homes today, as it’s all about creating an orderly and calm space in which symmetry and consistency are endlessly pursued. This beautiful Houston home shows us how the 18th and 19th centuries elements come together with modern details to deliver this warm and comfortable residence.

Highly knowledgeable designers such as the Wyrick Residential Design team can beautifully merge traditional & historical architecture, colors, materials, and textures with clever incorporation of modern furniture (and decorations) to present a balanced, and welcoming residence such as the one we have the pleasure to tour further below.

Southern Traditional Design Home

traditional southern home design home refinery 1Source: Wyrick Residential Design

Upon arrival, you are greeted by western-styled rocking chairs in a concrete poured porch area, the focal point being the rustic wood columns, windows, and ceiling. The freshness, openness, and welcoming atmosphere emanates friendliness and invites you to enjoy an ice-cold lemonade with a neighbor on a sunny, breezy day.

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traditional southern home design home refinery 2Source: Wyrick Residential Design

The entryway area presents a traditional metal chandelier as soon as you cross the main double door entrance: walls painted in plain white enhance the natural lighting as well as the polished hardwood floor rustic features. This area is the crossroads in which you can further travel towards a private dining room, the living room, or the expanded kitchen area following a beautiful local brick archway.

traditional southern home design home refinery 3Source: Wyrick Residential Design

The traditional style is all about consistency, by combining modern white countertops on the kitchen and the kitchen island with organic materials (exposed wooden beams, chairs) you get the cleanliness associated with modern items and home appliances. The black lower kitchen cabinets and artificial leather stools will ultimately showcase a natural contrast that pairs well with the room’s wooden floor.

traditional southern home design home refinery 4Source: Wyrick Residential Design

Nothing says traditional as a classical round dining table within a private dining room. Even though the ample kitchen area offers a more casual dining table, this complementary dining room is perfect for more private, special dinners & lunches. The traditional design often reminisces on the classical French approach historically inherited by Southern residences.

traditional southern home design home refinery 5Source: Wyrick Residential Design

Several modern elements are cleverly incorporated in this traditional home by Wyrick Residential Designers. Choosing a dark blue color for the kitchen island accents the console, combining well with the wooden natural brown as well as the white ceramic tops. In addition, notice how the modern metal stool and their polished wooden seats tie the room’s floor and beam together. Simply marvelous.

traditional southern home design home refinery 6Source: Wyrick Residential Design

Since in traditional interior designs order and consistency is a must, modernity can be introduced through details: cleanliness and elegance are showcased by using industrial washing fixtures, organic decors such as plant vases and fruit arrays.

traditional southern home design home refinery 7Source: Wyrick Residential Design

Every traditional home presents a dedicated workspace within its boundaries: inherited from the ancient roman villa’s scriptoriums, the study area, shown above, retains the same color combination used throughout this home, except that it incorporates a Moroccan rug for warmth and color accentuation. The blue greyed wooden study furniture & the standalone ample desk are the focal elements, as the desk spaciousness allows further comfort when working or studying.

traditional southern home design home refinery 8Source: Wyrick Residential Design

Master bedrooms are the most intimate and private spaces in any traditional home, the room shown above allows us to see how Wyrick Residential Designers use antique style chandeliers and mirrors, along with dark blue textured wallpapers to create a rich contrast. The presence of the bed’s wooden platform and exposed beams further give a feeling of coziness, in a room that, by sticking to a symmetric array, delivers the soothing aesthetic any master bedroom must be able to provide its users.


Wyrick Residential Designers managed to beautifully deliver warmth and harmony by etching the traditional style design into this Houston residence. They do this in all their projects by thoroughly surveying spaces, taking in critical elements such as room flows, lighting, scale, placement in favor of functionality and comfort. Their many projects can be found on their website and official Instagram page along with their contact information. Be sure to visit them!