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Stanley Furniture: Iconic High End American Furniture

Stanley Furniture: Iconic High End American Furniture

James Quinn
  • Stanley is among the most iconic American furniture brands on the market. They've been around nearly 100 years, continue to innovate, and never cease to amaze. Their catalog is considered gospel among furniture designers and their products can take any interior design project to the next level.
stanley furniture vintage bedroom

Ask any furniture designer in the world: the name “Stanley” is synonymous with “quality”—and for good reason! The Stanley Furniture company was founded in 1924 by Thomas B. Stanley and has since elevated themselves as pioneers of style and quality.

The historical origins of the family-owned Stanley furniture company might not pique your interest. The inspiring furniture design, a dizzying collection of finishes, and high-end delivery of Stanley’s products will. Stanley furniture is one of the best furniture brands in the world and every designer should be familiar with their catalog.


The Stanley catalog continues to develop to meet consumer demand. Here you’ll find many traditional designs, embodied by timeless finishes and accents. Stanley furniture can be bought from trusted online furniture stores and also from select local dealers. Given the higher-end ticket prices, local selection is likely to be sparse.


stanley panavista dining collectionSource: Stanley Furniture
The Panavisat dining collection by Stanley showcases and elegant contemporary design

The Panavavista Collection by Stanley furniture features a remarkable contemporary design pattern characterized by split veneers, high-gloss finishes, and inviting linen upholstery. This collection demonstrates Stanley’s range of versatility and awareness of modern market demands. This furniture alone could make an empty room seem inspiring.

Wethersfield  Estate Collection

stanley wethersfield estate bedroomSource: Stanley Furniture
The Wethersfield Estate collection showcases a traditional design in a timeless blond oak finish

The Wethersfield Estate Collection by Stanley stages a beautiful oak veneer finishes with sandblasting and light distressing for ample character. The dark bronze hardware, subtle keyholing, and soft linen of this collection are sure to make any bedroom more inviting.

Willow Collection

stanley willow bedroom modern greySource: Stanley Furniture
The Willow Bedroom by Stanley Furniture available in a modern grey finish

The Willow Collection by Stanley features a selection of casual, contemporary designs. This group is characterized by soft linens, sharper lines, and delectable accents and curves in places few would expect. The Willow collection offers a wide range of styles and can help round out nearly any contemporary design project.


Stanley has an almost 100-year long track record of delivering quality furniture. They continue to innovate as many other brands have sought cheaper materials, labor, and price points. They were founded in 1924 in the state of Virginia by Thomas B. Stanley. Later, Stanley would go on to become the Governor of Virginia.

Stanley was, like many companies of that era, founded on the tail of the Industrial Revolutions. As many companies moved from “farm to factory” Stanley joined them to meet the rising demand for high-end, mass-market products. Their skills and craftsmanship lead to the launch of one of the most successful furniture brands in all of American history.

The modern Stanley furniture brand offers a robust platform for designers and purchasers to discover and lay hands upon their distinguished catalog of products. They offer online ordering incentives, customer dashboards, tax-exempt purchasing (for qualified buyers, of course), and even dedicated sales representatives. Stanley furniture might get billed as traditional furniture but their presence in the digital age is anything but.