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9 Mind Blowing Storage Container Pool Designs

9 Mind Blowing Storage Container Pool Designs

Emma Wright
  • Storage Container Pools are the newest trend in the outdoor recreation industry. Check out the future of pools today!
storage container pool designs

With a unique modern look, storage container pools are quickly becoming one of the biggest trends for this year. Perfect for homeowners on a reduced budget, these stylish pools allow you to have your personal oasis in your backyard.

Mind-Blowing Storage Container Pool Designs

Storage container pools are shipping containers that are thoroughly modified to become highly versatile and stylish pools. They not only cost a fraction of what a traditional swimming pool would cost: they can fit in any terrain, are eco-friendly, and come in a wide variety of sizes that fit in any backyard.

Today we’re going to show you our team’s favorite storage container pool designs for this year and introduce you to the newest and hottest trend in the outdoor recreation industry!

The Shipping Container Pools Infinity Edge

storage container pool designs 1Source: Shipping Container Pools
This storage container pool comes with an efficient water heating system and lights to take your backyard’s aesthetic to luxury levels.

This gorgeous storage pool comes from the Shipping Container Pools’ talented team, and it looks straight out of a celebrity’s vacation home. The infinity-edge comes with an almost transparent screen that gives the pool a unique feel and looks that would otherwise take hundreds of thousands of dollars to recreate through traditional means.

The Tanglepools Storage Container Pool

storage container pool designs 2Source: TanglePools
Tanglepools integrated this container pool into a minimalist yoga backyard area.

The Tanglepools experienced designers team created this 10’x30′ storage container pool for a client in the Calgary area. Tanglepools offers shipping container pools that can be 12, 20, 30, or even 40 feet long!

Their swimming pools come with an energy heating system, LED lights, stairs, and a sturdy urethane exterior to protect its components. This design features a super clean and flat setup perfect for yoga sessions or intense morning workouts in the outdoors. Once you’re finished with your routine you can hop in the pool and relax your muscles as your worries melt away.

The Modpools Storage Container Pool

storage container pool designs 3Source: Modpools
Use the Modpools Storage Container Pool Smartphone App to customize its settings!

This mind-blowing shipping container pool comes from the creative team over at Modpools. This 8’x20’ storage container pool features a modern black exterior, complete temperature control, and customizable lights that you can control from your Smartphone! Notice how the succulents and driftwood around the pool and deck area create an immersive oceanic ambiance that invites the ocean’s charms to your home.

The Shipping Container Pools Coral Blue Model

storage container pool designs 9
The Coral Blue model is one of the largest storage pool models available today.

Interested in a large yet affordable storage container pool? The Coral Blue might be the right model for you! This 40foot shipping container pool is perfect for hosting pool parties or inviting the whole family over for a cookout. The Coral Blue is also ideal for swimmers looking to engage in endurance training and improving lap times without leaving the house.

Experienced hosts recommend having a suitable area and surrounding when purchasing large swimming pools. We highly recommend integrating a pool house in your backyard area to keep guests and family entertained and comfortable after a day of fun.

The Alternative Living Spaces Deluxe Model

storage container pool designs 5Source: Alternative Living Spaces
The Alternative Living Spaces container pools can be installed on hillsides.

When it comes to storage container pools, the Alternative Living Spaces Deluxe Model is one of the most budget-friendly options today. Alternative Living Spaces are known to transform shipping containers into remarkable homes, offices, and gyms. In that regard, creating state-of-the-art shipping container pools seemed like a natural choice for the experienced company.

With a 20’x8′ steel container exterior, a sturdy white fiberglass shell, and an 11KW Electric Heater, this pool will turn your backyard into a luxury pool area for your family and guests.

The Modpools Compact Storage Pool

storage container pool designs 4Source: Modpools
This thought-provoking Asian Zen storage container pool design proves how versatile this new generation of pools is.

When it comes to adapting to reduced spaces, Modpools creates some of the most versatile shipping container pools. This compact storage container pool fits into a contemporary Asian Zen theme that aims to ease the senses. Personal and thought-provoking, this pool area invites you to leave your earthly worries behind you and appreciate nature in your thermo-regulated pool.

The Aquapools Storage Container Pool

storage container pool designs 6Source: Aquapools
The Aquapools Storage Container Pool is a low footprint, cost-effective backyard pool solution.

This incredibly cost-effective backyard pool solution comes to us from Aquapools. Easy to transport, install and relocate (if you’re moving), this gorgeous shipping container pool will revolutionize your backyard overnight. The storage pool comes with a child safety ledge, heating, LED lighting options, and a fully self-contained filtration system to keep your pool in top conditions throughout the year. If you’re looking for a swimming pool that you can dive into the very same day it’s delivered, then look no further!

Shipping Container Pools Summer Pool

storage container pool designs 8Source: Shipping Container Pools
The Shipping Container Pools models come with a smooth and nonporous surface that makes cleaning your pool significantly easier.

The Shipping Container Pools team truly has a unique build for every home. This gorgeous storage pool allows a couple to bask in the summer sunlight and enjoy a cold drink in the comfort of their home pool. Once the sun sets, the swimming pool’s LED light and heating system activate to create a warm, cozy area perfect for stargazing and life-changing moments.

The Container Pools Lap Pool

storage container pool designs 7Source: Container Pools
The Lap model is suitable for residential and commercial properties.

The Container Pools Lap Pool is one of the largest shipping container pools available today. The Lap Pool features 12 meters in length, covered by an 11-meter custom-fit shell. This fully decked pool comes with two internal access stairs for added convenience and a fully customizable exterior. The built-in chlorine purification system keeps all 25,000 liters of water clean and ready to use at any time, allowing you to create memorable times during sunny summer days.


For many, having a backyard pool seems like a distant dream littered with obstacles and a significant budget wall. Sometimes terrain limitations, permits, and even unforeseen logistical issues get in the way of many homeowners’ dreams of having a swimming pool.

Thankfully, shipping container pools represent an affordable solution for anyone that wishes to own a swimming pool. These avant-garde swimming pools feature modern designs and creative layouts that defy everything we thought we knew about pools in a very positive and eco-friendly way!