Mid-Century Modern: American Based Futurism from the 1950s

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The Mid-Century Modern style was birthed in America during the late 1930s-1960s. Prominent designers of this era—those that characterized the style—include architects like Frank Llyod Wright and furniture designers such as Charles Eames.

The Mid-Century Modern style is one of the most iconic in modern history and has very distinct characteristics. Many of the early color cartoons such as The Jetsons showcase what at the time was thought to be futuristic design—later to be dubbed Mid-Century modernism.

Characterizing Attributes

  • Large consideration for functionality
  • Use of modern and historical materials. i.e. mixing concrete with wood
  • Use of contrasting materials such as brass + wood, stone + glass, etc.
  • Integrating curves and flowing lines
  • Geometric patterns and dainty lines

Famous Mid-Century Designers

  • George Nelson
  • Charles Eames
  • Frank Llyod Wright
  • Jens Rison
  • Arne Jacobsen
  • Eileen Gray