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9 Stylish Blue Bedroom Ideas

9 Stylish Blue Bedroom Ideas

Emma Wright
  • All the latest surveys indicate that blue is humanity's favorite color, regardless of gender! Today, these stylish bedroom ideas feature this wonderful color as the protagonist.
stylish blue bedroom ideas

Your bedroom is, ideally, a place of rest and relaxation you can find refuge in after a long day. The color blue happens to elicit positive emotional responses in the brain that reduce feelings of anxiety and inspire serenity, which makes it a perfect candidate for your color palette. 

These stylish blue bedroom ideas incorporate blue in all its glory: from the delicate baby blue tones to the stunning azure and oxford shades of blue. So, whether you’re remodeling, or creating your bedroom from scratch, you’ll find all the inspiration needed for your newest and exciting project. 

Teal & White for a Sophisticated Bedroom

stylish blue bedroom ideas 1Source: Sarah Gallops Design Inc

Mid-tone blues mesh excellently well with hardwood floors and milky white accents peppered throughout the room. Sarah Gallops Design elegantly used very light textures along with slick metallic ornaments to decorate this bedroom. These delicate contrasts convey a breeze, relaxing atmosphere that leverages the room’s natural lighting to perfection.

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Blue Accents Galvanize Old Fashion Bedrooms

stylish blue bedroom ideas 2Source: Summer Thornton Design

In this stunning art deco bedroom, Summer Thornton Design used the jewel-like appeal of metallic blue and cyan to complete this composition. Notice how the charming 1920s chandelier and the litmus effect from this wallpaper infuse these traditional pieces with glamour. If you’re an art deco fan, these stylish blue bedroom ideas need to be part of your arsenal.

Modern Spin On a Blue Bedroom

stylish blue bedroom ideas 3Source: Plum Interiors

Modernism favors elegance and simplicity in equal measure, as does Plum Interiors. These stylish blue bedroom ideas teach us that, combining blue textures and different tones of blues (such as navy and azure blue) can transform a traditional white bedroom into a chic sensation. Notice how the soft rug, white furniture, and ample lighting also help the shades of blue pop too. Truly wonderful.

Turquoise and Dark Furnitures

stylish blue bedroom ideas 4Source: Decorpad

Turquoise is yet another tone of blue capable of providing the contrast an updated, elegant contemporary design needs. The darker and more numerous your furniture pieces are, the better a turquoise will fare. For this room, Decorpad used white sheets, ivory white lamps, and a clear night tabletop to balance the room’s color palette. The result is this stylish, contemporary turquoise bedroom that evokes serene elegance.

Oxford Blue, Beige and Wooden Details

stylish blue bedroom ideas 5Source: Curb Exposure LLC

Curb Exposure LLC combined an exquisite oxford blue with strong beige and cream complements. The resulting contrast is equally stylish and soothing, not to mention it serves as an open canvas for all sorts of design modifications. In this case, the owner’s passion for aircrafts and flight populates his resting chambers. Having said that, the room’s cozy atmosphere and its soft carpeted floors make it an ideal space for relaxation.

Blue, Gray & White Contemporary Bedroom Design

stylish blue bedroom ideas 6Source: Julia Wong Designs

This blue themed dynamic wallpaper, with sparks of white in the wallpaper plant’s leaves, adds refreshing tranquility to this bedroom. Julia Wong exquisitely formulates an eclectic array of different elements (traditional, rustic, and contemporary pieces) to create a wonderfully peaceful composition. This bedroom gently beckons its owners to a breezy night of sleep surrounded by the wintry forest.

Textured Prussian Blue

stylish blue bedroom ideas 7Source: Pinemar, Inc.

These stylish blue bedroom ideas come to us from Pinemar, Inc Prussian blue is a most underrated pick for a bedroom’s color palette, which certainly caught our attention. But it’s the skillful combination of this color with soft textures that clearly dominates the room’s theme. The shades of creamy colors and white walls deliver the cozy contrast you’d want in a stylish bedroom.

Electrifying Sports Themed Bedroom

stylish blue bedroom ideas 8Source: Safavieh Home Furnishings

This joyful bedroom, designed for boys who are big fans of baseball, uses an electrifying shade of blue from the walls to the bedsheet. To keep it cool and up to date, Safavieh Home Furnishings added shiny white furniture pieces (like the embedded desk and bed base) to give it a slick feel, that won’t overpower the gorgeous polished wooden floors.

Coastal Themed Bedroom

stylish blue bedroom ideas 9Source: Style Precinct Interior Design & Decoration

Style Precinct Interior Design & Decoration brings us wall art as a creative path towards a beautiful, coastal styled bedroom. The mural emulates the sea waves and their gentle motion, eliciting memories of brisk vacations by the sea. The abundant use of patterns, shapes, and orange resemble the noble corals inviting you to relax and sleep to your heart’s content. 


Blue colored rooms can reduce feelings of anxiety and lead you to a night of uninterrupted, restorative sleep. These talented designers each have unique stylish blue bedroom ideas you can adopt to recreate that calm, peaceful look that a bedroom should evoke. Feel free to visit their websites and projects to find more super creative room ideas.