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Introducing the Sweetnight Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Introducing the Sweetnight Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Home Refinery Review Team

The Sweetnight 10″ gel memory foam mattress has been a sensation on Amazon. Its affordable price point, paired with its rave reviews, seems to be quickly catapulting it to the top of the mattress charts. After hearing so much about it we decided to take a look for ourselves.

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Sweetnight is an Asia-based mattress brand that has a keen insight into the efficiency needed to make an affordable memory foam mattress. Their main manufacturing facility is nestled in Foshan—often referred to as the Furniture City of Asia. We bore you with these details to help better explain why we’re so excited by this mattress. Many mattress brands, even those with direct-to-consumer sales, still outsource their manufacturing. Sweetnight is located in a part of the world that specializes in such manufacturing and are astute in its ways. In other words, the Sweetnight mattress isn’t just priced as consumer direct—it’s priced as factory-direct.

Gel Memory Foam Benefits

Memory foam has many benefits but there are also some potential drawbacks. After this material’s initial surge of popularity came a sharp downturn of regret characterized by heat retention and night sweats. Memory foam, at least by itself, can be prone to heat retention to such a degree that can be uncomfortable. One solution to this problem is was the invention of Gel Memory foam materials.

Memory foam can trace its origins back to the NASA space program where engineers sought a material to help protect pilots during flight. This technology, called Viscoelastic foam, quickly made its way into the medical products industry. From there, manufacturers realized that consumers needed a composite of several different varieties of memory foam.

Over the years, such optimization strategies have produced gel-infused memory foam to help reduce heat retention and provide a more responsive feel. Gel memory foam is considered superior to non-gel memory foam by almost every experts’ measure—at least when it comes to mattresses. The big downside is it’s more expensive to produce. The Sweetnight mattress features a two-inch thick gel memory foam layer on top. We’re not sure how they’ve managed to have such a thick layer of gel foam at this price point—but it’s an incredible opportunity for buyers!

Sweetnight gel memory foam layer illustration
Sweetnight’s layered design provides a holistic support system

Comfort Zones

The human body is a curvy mess. Our spines are far from being straight lines and having a variable amount of pressure is ideal for holistic support. That is; the best mattresses for back pain have firmer materials in the lower back and softer materials near the neck. Many people approach this multi-zoned comfort concept by sleeping with a pillow under the back or buying special memory foam pillows. This approach isn’t ineffective but adds extra steps between you and a good night’s sleep.

Sweetnight has taken it upon themselves to create a multi-comfort layer of five-inch foam to solve this problem. Its three-zone design provides a firmer response where your back needs it—the lumbar region—and a softer feel everywhere else. We’ve reviewed mattresses where different sides of the bed can be customized but Sweetnight’s gel memory foam mattress is the first we’ve seen with vertical zoning. For anyone thinking that such variable firmness levels might feel awkward—don’t worry. This comfort layer is tucked away beneath the top layer of gel memory foam.

Sweetnight Mattress Two-Sided Design Illustration
The Sweetnight mattress can be flipped for a firmer comfort level

Two-Side Design

Sweetnight’s gel mattress is advertised as having a two-sided design, such that one can flip it over and have a completely different sleeping experience. The bottommost layer is a three-inch thick layer of high-density support foam. This won’t sleep like memory foam but will provide an 8/10+ firmness should one find themselves in need. Most two-sided mattresses have a thin layer of firmer memory foam on the bottom. That’s to say, memory foam is the first thing you rest on regardless of what side you sleep. The Sweetnight mattress’ advertisement as being a two-sided mattress is a bit deceptive. Yes, you can flip the mattress and sleep on the bottom but it’s not memory foam down there. This was the only nag we could find about this mattress but at its price point, we wouldn’t recommend giving it much thought.

Sweetnight mattress top perspective view
The Sweetnight memory foam mattress is wrapped in a ventilating knit material

CertiPUR-US Certified Foam

Memory foam is produced by processes that have, at least in the past, involved some pretty nasty chemicals. If you slept on a memory foam mattress ten years ago you should probably get your doctor to run a heavy metals test on you. Today, with the growing awareness of the health impact of environmental toxins, memory foam is much safer and health-friendly.

CertiPUR is a certifying agency that helps consumers feel confident that the products they buy are free of harmful compounds like mercury, formaldehyde, or toxic flame retardants. Sweetnight’s gel memory foam mattress contains such CertiPUR-certified materials and is assured to be free of the nasty stuff. Think of a CertiPUR-US certified mattress like USDA-Certifed Organic food—you don’t have to buy certified products but if you care about your health you definitely should.

Sweetnight mattress box size picture
Sweetnight ships their mattresses in a box so small you could fit it in your passenger seat

Bed in a Box

The bed-in-a-box mattress brands have swept the consumer market in recent years. Being able to buy directly from a manufacturer and have a mattress shipped to your doorstep for free is an incredible expression of modern technology. Bed in a Box brands package their mattresses in such a way that allows them to fit into very small boxes and ship via ground carriers like UPS or FedEx. Basically, a mattress gets folded in half, rolled up, and then vacuum-sealed. Sweetnight’s gel memory foam arrived in the smallest box we’ve ever seen a mattress fit into. Seriously, we thought they’d sent a pillow by mistake. Sweetnight is the least boxy bed-in-a-box brand we’ve seen so far—and that’s a great characteristic.

Support & Warranties

Falling in love with a mattress is one part doing your due diligence and about five parts actually sleeping on it. No one can know how well they’ll regard a mattress until they’ve spent some horizontal time with it. Sweetnight offers free shipping, an incredibly well-priced product, amazingly clean materials, and a really comfortable design. They only offer a 30-day in-home trial. Don’t let this be the only factor you consider but be aware that a 120-night in home trial is common these days (some brands even offer 365-night trials!) The good news is this mattress is about $200 cheaper than comparable mattresses so a shorter trial period is almost to be expected.


The Sweetnight 10″ Gel Memory Foam mattress is a great product. It features CertiPUR-US certified materials, has a two-inch thick layer of gel memory foam, and offers a multi-zone comfort system that is truly unique. It’s a bit cheeky to say this mattress is a two-sided design but the bottom layer of high-density support foam could absolutely be slept on. The mattress ships free comes in a box that your kid could manage and is backed by a 10-year warranty. Our only nag is Sweetnight’s brief in-home trial period to offer better buyer support. Could be better but it’s by no means a deal breaker. Overall, this mattress is an incredible product and a steal at its current pricing. It’s one of the best mattresses we’ve seen at this price point—and we’ve seen a lot of mattresses.

Sweetnight 10" Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Sweetnight's gel memory foam mattress is a steal at its current price point. After reviewing this mattress, we'd recommend it to anyone looking for a true memory foam experience on a budget. It's advertised as a two-sided design though we believe that's a bit of an overstatement. The only real downside with this mattress is the abbreviated in-home trial period of 30 days—a pretty fair trade-off for the reduction in price.. It ships free and is backed by a 10-year warranty.
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