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5 Teardrop Camper Trailers to Buy Now

5 Teardrop Camper Trailers to Buy Now

James Quinn
  • Need to break out of your house and get some fresh air? These modern teardrop camper trailers will make you yearn for the great outdoors!
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There are few types of camper vans out there more iconic than the teardrop trailer. This iconic design captures the spirit of the open road in an devilishly, timeless, stylish, and imaginative way. The teardrop trailer is the perfect vehicle to escape the confines of your home and breath some fresh air.

Whether you’re feeling nostalgic, planning your next road trip, or are planning an extended outdoor extravaganza—the teardrop trailer can meet your needs. We’ve rounded up some of the best teardrop trailers on the market to inspire and even tempt. They’re stylish, utilitarian, compact and—best of all—easy to operate.

The Polygonized Teardrop by Polydrop

polygrop polygonized teardrop trailer camperSource: Polydrops
This teardrop trailer by Polydrop showcases a modern re-imagining of the timeless classic

The modern polygonized Teardrop trailer design by Polydrop isn’t just a pleasure to look at. This camper trailer features an 8.5″ insulated form, hydraulic disc brakes, and weighs less than 1,200 pounds! Perfect for the open road, this mobile abode can be towed by small-class passenger vehicles without issue.

Base Price: The Polydrop starts at $14,000.

The ‘Classic’ by Timberleaf Trailers

classic teardrop trailer timberleaf trailers homerefinerySource: Timberleaf Trailers
The Classic offers a retro design characteristic of teardrop trailers and is available in several packages.

The ‘Classic’ teardrop camping trailer by Timberleaf showcases a retro design echoing the inspiration of this iconic 1960s design. The only thing dated about the Classic is its’ inspiration—this comfy camping companion packs all the essential modern amenities to support an outdoor excursion. The Classic comes in 3 base packages: Standard, All-Road, and Off-Road—each of which offer different suspension, tire, and structural options.

Base Price: The Classic starts at $21,500

The Tab by NuCamp

tab teardrop trailer by nuCamp homerefinerySource: nuCamp
The Tab camper packs a full-feature kitchen, sleeps two, and has a wet-bath.

The Tab Teardrop Camper trailer by NuCamp is a spacious design perfect for the adventurous outdoor couple. This teardrop design packs an impressive number of amenities into a compact space. It features a wet-bath with toilet and sink, a fully-featured kitchenette, and comfortable sitting space. It features optional solar charging, a water management system, and comes with large external battery storage. Perfect for an adventure into nature without complete separation from comfort.

Base Price: $22,000

The Topo Series by Escapod

escapod topo series 2021 homerefinerySource: Jay Dash
The Topo series trailers by Escapod come with a tremendous range of features for 4-season, off-trail, no-amenities-lost campingv

The Topo Series teardrop trailers by Escapod are the epitome of compact, off-road, protective camping. These designs showcase a well-engineered array of such essentials as heating, refrigeration, water storage, insulated walls, and solar charging. Depending on the demands of one’s adventure series—the Topo series comes with plenty of other optional features like the 4-season rooftop tent. It’s hard to impress just how fun these teardrop trailers truly are to experience. For those looking to try one out, the Utah-based Escapod does offer rentals.

Base Price: $19,750

The Hütte Hut

hutte hut teardrop camping trailer homerefinerySource: Hutte Hut
The Hutte Hut showcases an artisan design more common to fine furniture than outdoor vehicles.

The Hütte Hut teardrop camper is a mastery of woodworking made mobile. The veneered wood interior is a screw-less, epoxy-bonded design featuring birch species throughout. The slimline windows offer a cozy view of the world around without sacrificing privacy. The roof is made of a double-ply cotton canvas to ensure proper airflow and keep those cozy nights as crisp as they are comforting. The Hütte Hut teardrop camper is a one-of-a-kind luxury design.

Base Price: $63,900

Wrapping Things Up

The Teardrop trailer design can trace its roots back to the 1960s when spirits seemed to roam a bit more freely than in modern times. These modern designs showcase the advances in technology without compromising the aesthetic design that made the teardrop so iconic. Whether your next road trip is a month-long endeavor or just a simple weekend getaway—these teardrop campers can help make it one you’ll never forget!