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The Aviya Hybrid Innerspring Mattress

The Aviya Hybrid Innerspring Mattress

  • Looking for a mattress that gives you that bouncy bed resort feel? The Aviya Hybrid mattress brings the luxury hotel experience right to your bedroom!
aviya hybrid innerspring mattress

The Aviya Hybrid Innerspring Mattress uses a combination of high-density foam and innerspring coils for exceptional lumbar support. Its soft, organic cotton cover pleases the senses while its consecutive premium foam layers neutralize motion transfer for deep, undisturbed rest.

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The Aviya mattress works with all beds and bases. Whether you have a standard bed, slatted bed, or adjustable base, this mattress hybrid will perform wonderfully.

The Aviya Hybrid Innerspring Mattress has a 12″ thick combined layer design made without ozone depleters, harmful flame retardants, and heavy metals. It impressively mitigates sinkage by descending a mere 6 inches after sustaining 100 lbs. of weight. Thanks to its organic cotton cover, 2 consecutive foam layers, individually wrapped coils, and a high-density foam layer at its base, pressure relief, and lumbar support are prioritized.

In terms of assurance, Aviya gives you a 100-night trial, a 10-year warranty, and free shipping. Its Queen size specs are as follows:

  • Type: Memory foam mattress
  • Made in the USA: Yes
  • Financing: Yes
  • Dimensions: 60″W x 80″D
  • Thickness: 12″
  • Weight: 98 pounds
  • Firmness: 6/10
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • In-Home Trial: 100 nights

Our team reviewed some of the Aviya Hybrid Innerspring mattress’s most prominent features and decided to compare them with its customer’s testimonies. Here’s what we found:

The Luxury Resort Mattress Experience

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Cotton combined with a layer of high-density comfort foam gives that classy “hotel feel” the moment you lay down.

The best innerspring mattresses tend to have a little more bounce to it than memory foam mattresses. But Aviya realizes that there is such a thing as too much bounce, which is why its two premium foam layers gently hug your body’s edges on contact to offer comfort. Its 850 coils work together to responsively adapt to your weight and deliver the right amount of bounce and pressure relief many classy resort beds offer. Here’s what customers had to say about it:

The Aviya has that familiar feel that I like. It feels more with just a little bit of give on the top. – Jason M.

I was at a hotel and realized how much more comfortable it was sleeping there than at home so I knew I had to do something. I got the plush and it definitely has that “hotel”, sink-into-the-bed feel. Much better 🙂 – Tabitha R.

Gives Rest for Unsettled Sleepers

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You won’t sink into the Aviya as deeply as they would on other mattresses because of its thin comfort system.

Tossing around in the middle of the night can be a problem if you’re sharing your bed since it can interrupt your loved one’s sleep. The Aviya Hybrid Innerspring Mattress has a medium firmness that provides enough pressure relief to smoothly absorb sudden movements and rolling around at night, thus minimizing motion transfer. Its multilayered design and unique foam configurations have turned it into one of the best mattresses for couples by far. Here’s what customers had to say:

I’m a back sleeper and the luxury firm is perfect for me. my wife flips all over, so she’s on her side a lot and still loves it. It’s firm enough to say its supportive, but still comfortable. Good balance. – Jack B.

I’ve been having a hard time pulling the trigger on a new mattress and I didn’t want to spend thousands, which I figured it cost. So, I saw Aviya is supposed to be just as nice but half the cost. Give it a shot. I really am happy sleeping in mine. – Greg. H

Adapts to All Sleeping Positions

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The mattress has a quality feel and materials that make up its 12 inches of height.

Only the best hybrid mattresses are able to adapt to their user’s sleeping positions seamlessly. Back sleepers distribute their weight evenly as body curvatures sink to support them, so the Aviya hybrid adapts to avoid excessive sinking, thus protecting the lumbar region.

Side sleepers on the other hand often experience soreness in their shoulder and hip areas, the Aviya Hybrid Innerspring Mattress wraps around these pressure points and smoothly relieves excessive tension.

Stomach sleepers tend to experience moderate chest pressure, but thanks to this mattress’ cotton and superior foam layers, your spine remains aligned while your chest gently floats throughout the night. Here’s what customers had to say:

My husband and I both are amazed at how good we feel when we get up in the morning (despite us both having stating We both love it back issues). – Beatrice L.

I’m a big guy 325-350lbs stomach sleeper and the king size luxury firm is the best bed I have ever slept in hands down. My wife (140lbs) back sleeper loves it just as much. – Carl. B

Reinforced Edge Support

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The foam casing around the perimeter is three inches thick and provides amazing edge reinforcement.

The Aviya Hybrid Innerspring Mattress offers an additional treat for its users: stellar edge support. High-density foams are not only used at the base of the mattress but also on its edges. By surrounding the responsive coil layer with this patented foam, weight at the limit of the mattress surface is easily absorbed and distributed to the rest of its structure. Customers had this to say:

I didn’t feel like the other all foam mattresses were going to cut it. 2 months in and I love this mattress! it’s comfortable, responsive, and I sleep better than ever on it! – Kristi W.

I wanted a firm one and ordered the firm. here is the thing, it’s firm, as expected, but still comfortable. It’s not a “rock”. – Manuel R.


Our review is derived from our team’s experiences with a previous model of The Aviya Hybrid Innerspring Mattress. Based on Aviya’s strict manufacturing benchmarks, we’re assuming their newer model shares similar quality standards. If you’ve purchased an Aviya Hybrid Innerspring Mattress within the last 12 months and found it wanting, please contact our team so we can consider your thoughts and update our review accordingly.


By combining cotton & high-density poly foams this wonderful Hybrid Innerspring Mattress features a reliable air circulation circuit and remarkable pressure relief regardless of your sleeping position. With a 10-year warranty and an extensive 100 nights trial, this product promises to turn your nightly rest into a luxurious recuperative experience you’ll cherish.