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The Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress

The Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress

Emma Wright
  • Protecting the environment and boosting your sleeping hygiene has never been easier! The Eco Terra hybrid latex mattress is a one-of-a-kind organic option available today. Join us, and see what it can do for you!
eco terra hybrid latex mattress

The Eco Terra hybrid mattress makes the most out of its 100% organic cotton & wool along with naturally extracted latex. All three of these natural materials are successively layered on top of a pocketed coils array that dynamically responds to weight differentials. With a 15-year warranty, this eco-friendly mattress promises comfort and cooler nights throughout the years.

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An excellent choice for back, side, stomach, and restless sleepers alike.

The Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress is an 11″ thick, fully organic designed rest pad. With remarkable pressure relief, temperature regulation, and outstanding edge support, this low carbon-footprint mattress has made a name for itself. It also comes with a 15-year warranty and can be returned for a complete refund within its first 3 months of use. Here are its Queen-size model specs:

  • Type: Hybrid Latex Micro Coil Mattress
  • Made in the USA: Yes
  • Financing: Yes
  • Dimensions: 60″W x 80″D
  • Thickness: 11″
  • Weight: 100 pounds
  • Firmness: 6/ 10
  • Warranty: 15 Years
  • In-Home Trial: 90 nights

We’ve taken a closer look at its design and features and compared it with real customer’s testimonies. Here’s what we’ve found:

Superb Support

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Premium crafted coils provide the perfect amount of support & zero motion transfer.

The Eco Terra hybrid latex mattress comes with a powerful pressure relief system. First, we’re met with a heat-treated coil array that responsively adapts to weight differentials to deliver ultimate comfort and support. Then, 100% organic latex contours to your body’s key pressure points to relieve tension accumulated throughout the day, an effect only the best hybrid mattresses can deliver. Customers had this to say about it:

This mattress is life changing. It has the perfect combination of comfort and support. It’s also very well made. I’m very happy with my purchase – Deanna M.

My wife & I have been using our Eco Terra for about 6 weeks now (medium), and the elimination of my daily back pains have been extraordinary. I can now sleep in any position with zero discomfort. – Michael F.

Excellent Motion Isolation

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An excellent choice for couples!

Dealing with weight differentials and the ripple effect it causes is a problem only the best mattresses easily resolve, and the Eco Terra model is no exception. Its built-in support system not only delivers remarkable comfort but its also designed to channel energy created by sudden movements down to its base. This prevents your loved ones from suffering sleep interruptions caused by tossing around and restlessness. Here’s what customers had to say:

My wife and I are very happy with it. It is comfortable and we have been sleeping very well on it. I recommend this mattress– Theodore. S

This bed is plush! Firm, supportive, soft and cozy. Never indents and I never feel it when my husband gets up. It’s the most incredible bed ever! – Kim H.

State Of The Art Heat Dissipation

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Feel fresh and breezy throughout the night!

The Eco Terra hybrid latex mattress also comes with unique temperature regulation capabilities to avoid sweaty, uncomfortable nights. For starters, its organic wool & cotton breathable top surfaces perfectly synergize with its Talalay latex layer to dissipate heat. Its coil array system also offers air corridors that funnel body heat towards the mattress’ base and lateral edges, keeping you cool and fresh throughout the night. Here’s what customers had to say about it

My husband and I have been enjoying our new bed. We got the Medium and it’s a good balance of ‘give’ in all the right spots, and support in others. Doesn’t overheat. – Simila S.

The mattress itself is firm, but not too firm. I also like the fabric on the top. Very breathable and soft. – Natalie G.


Our review is derived from our team’s experiences with a previous model of the Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress. Based on the company’s strict manufacturing benchmarks, we’re assuming their newer model shares similar quality standards. If you’ve purchased an Eco Terra Latex Mattress within the last year and found it wanting, please contact our team so we can consider your thoughts and update our review accordingly.


When it comes to environment-friendly choices, the Eco Terra hybrid latex mattress proudly counts itself as one of the best choices today. With a stellar temperature regulation system, outstanding pressure relief properties, and spinal alignment capabilities, this product offers its customers premium sleep hygiene at a very acceptable price. If that wasn’t enough, its extensive in-home trial offer and 15-Year warranty offer all the assurance you deserve.