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7 Tiny Houses You’ll Fall in Love With

7 Tiny Houses You’ll Fall in Love With

James Quinn
Tiny Houses Furniture Insider

Tiny houses are some of the most popular new takes on what modern living can be. Their affluent interiors often stand in stark contrast to the unassuming exteriors, though make no mistake—these homes are becoming insanely popular! Whether a design seems best suited for mobile travel or if it’s designed for permanent living—tiny homes are all unique conceptions of maximizing style and function without excess.

What are Tiny Houses?

Tiny houses come in many shapes, though typically in similar sizes—tiny! These types of homes may be mobile homes, crate homes, tree-houses, or just simply ‘small’ traditionally-built homes complete with concrete foundations.

What makes a tiny home characteristic of the sweeping trend in home design, is the often the overabundance of style afforded to even the smallest of detail. Where a ‘mobile home’ might be a simple prefab design with the bare essentials—a ‘tiny home’ would come with rich oak flooring, designer lighting, satin nickel hardware, and look similar to what one might see in a furniture showroom.

Simply put, the most striking difference between ‘tiny homes’ and ‘small houses’ is the style in which they are conceived. This modern home design certainly isn’t limited to modern architecture styles. To help further illustrate what makes a tiny house, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best tiny house designs out there!

1 ‘Kate’ by Tiny House Building Company

This 412 square foot tiny house is crafted by Virginia-based Tiny House Building Company and comes in a turn-key ready shape. It features two king-size bedroom lofts, hardwood floors, and unique customization throughout the entirety of the space.

Kate Tiny House
Overhead view of the ‘Kate’ home from Tiny House Building Company

2 Kokosing by Modern Tiny Living

This mobile tiny home from Modern Tiny Living has an unassuming Nantucket-style exterior making it suitable for nearly any location but having particular harmony with coastal and waterway areas. This 24 foot long home features a 256 square foot space featuring quartz countertops, marble backsplashes, white farmhouse sink, sliding barn door style separators, and rich acacia flooring.

Kokosing Tiny Home
The Kokosing from Modern Tiny Living

3 Trinity by Alabama Tiny Homes

The Trinity is the second iteration on the wildly-popular small home design from Alabama Tiny Homes. This home comes mobile ready on a triple axle 28 foot trailer, housing its roughly 365 square foot space. This tiny house is crafted with a deep Southern elegance accented by an electric fireplace, salvaged cypress wood, and unique exposed cross beaming in the main level. This house comes with an integrated cooling system, dedicated front-load washer and dryer space, and even unique under-step storage. For those with an affinity for Southern style, this might be one of the best tiny houses on the market!

Trinity tiny house
Trinity 2 From Alabama Tiny Homes

4 The New Haven by Tiny Heirloom

This home design features a uniquely traditional vibe with undertones of modern farmhouse living. This 180 square foot space built by Tiny Heirloom features an elegant, front-exposed farmhouse sink accented by a fully-equipped kitchen capable of meeting nearly any cooking needs.  This space is designed for comfortable living with ample storage, a full bathroom, dining nook, and showpiece shelving above the front entrance. As with many of the best tiny houses on the market, the New Haven features a loft-style sleeping area which can be accessed by a small staircase.

New Haven Tiny House
The New Haven from Tiny Heirloom

5 Low Country by Clayton Tiny Homes

The Low Country from Clayton Tiny Homes was designed in partnership with Architect Jeff Dungan to embody the essence of down South and Carolina Living. This tiny home features a 464 space suitable for 4 people. While this home has been designed with a minimalist approach, it includes modern variations for every aspect including aluminum-clad windows, oak hardwood flooring, quartz countertops, and the latest Delta faucets. The open cathedral ceilings of this tiny house help maximize the feeling of space, and its premium cedar shingle exterior encapsulates the essence of Low Country living. All things considered, this is one of the most elegant tiny home designs we’ve seen.

Low Country Tiny House by Clayton Tiny Homes
Living Space of the Low Country

6 The Gatehouse by Murphy & Co.

This tiny house was designed by the Murphy & Co. residential architecture firm and is a permanent home design. It features a 1900’s era concept with a resemblance to French homes of that era. This tiny house is a whopping 860 square foot, a single-level design that almost falls into the category of ‘small house’—though stands out for its undeniable attention to the minutiae. This design features an open floor plan with areas separated by unique solid wood beams. There really isn’t enough good things we could say about this space, and we’ll just let images speak for us! Considering the name of this tiny house, it’s likely that it was never intended to be a ‘tiny house’ as much as it was intended to be upscale accommodations for house staff—but we couldn’t resist including it!

Murphy & Co. Gatehouse Tiny Home
The Gatehouse by Murphy & Co.

7 The Retreat by Timbercraft Tiny Homes

This Gooseneck style design encompasses a modernized Southern design imagined by the Timbercraft Tiny Homes company out of Alabama. The 415 square foot space offers three sleeping areas and haute accommodations throughout its entirety. This mobile-ready tiny house features solid wood floors, ceilings, unique cast-iron railing, and more storage space than one typically finds in such spaces. It features an electric fireplace built-in to an entertainment console for the living area, a full-feature range, and oven, and is also one of the few tiny home designs to have a full-sized bathtub! This tiny home is a marvel of modern small home design and is fit for even the most-refined of taste.

Timbercraft Tiny Homes Retreat
Living Area & Kitchen of The Retreat by Timbercraft Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes & Simple Lifestyles

The tiny homes seen here are among the most well-designed on the market, many coming from some of the most well-respected architectural firms in the world. Others, such as the Retreat by Timbercraft Tiny Homes are products of a new era of residential designers committing themselves almost entirely to meeting the surging demand for such small home designs.

These types of homes are, in many cases, stylish substitutes for the generic RVs and Fifth Wheels many vacationers and retirees are seen to be hauling down the roads of popular vacation destinations. These homes are designed with living in mind—not just surviving—and encompass ample lifestyle considerations to make even the longest of retreats simply feel like an extension of one’s home.