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Tips for Growing A Greener & Thicker Lawn

Tips for Growing A Greener & Thicker Lawn

  • Looking for that beautiful, thick, green grass that makes any yard the envy of a neighborhood? These tips will help your yard become a standout in no time!
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Are you looking to have greener, healthier, and thicker grass? You are not alone. Most homeowners want to have a thick lawn, free of weeds, and one that feels amazing under bare feet. This can be a difficult task to achieve but, with some basic planning, can be achieved with relative ease.

Having a thick, green lush lawn can help your property stand out in your neighborhood. It also feels great driving into a perfectly green and well-maintained property. You can get the lawn you desire by following a few tips and putting in the work. Here are a few tips on how to keep your lawn thick and green:

Test the Soil pH Level

Sonkir Soil pH Meter homerefinerySource: Sonikr
The Sonikir Soil pH meter can accurately measure your lawn’s pH

Testing the soil pH is an essential step in finding out the nutrients lacking in your lawn, as well as the fertilizer to use. Grass only grows where the pH is favorable. In most cases, the recommended pH level should be between 6 and 7.2. The Sonikr Soil pH meter can help provide accurate measures of lawn pH.

You can collect three samples from various places on your lawn and send them for testing. Ensure you get the samples a few inches from the ground for accurate results. If the pH levels are high, you can use sulfur or iron sulfate, and if too low, you can use limestone. However, for better results, be sure to seek advice from an expert.

Mow Properly

ryobi brushless electric push mower homerefinerySource: Ryobi
This electric mower by Ryobi makes mowing one’s lawn affordable and efficient

Mowing is a great and simple practice to keep your grass greener. However, you have to do it properly. Instead of mowing based on your schedule, mow depending on your grass needs. Consider using an electric lawn mower like the Ryobi brushless 20in 40Vmodel to reduce chemical contaminants such as oil and gasoline from damaging grasses.

The recommended mowing height should not be more than one-third of the size of your grass. Also, be sure to use sharp blades to cut cleanly and avoid ragged or torn grass. Lastly, switch your mowing patterns regularly to keep grass greener and thicker.

Water Deeply and Less Often

liberty garden hose reel cart homerefinerySource: Liberty Garden Products
This hose reel helps make watering one’s lawn simple and convenient

Watering frequently and just for short periods cannot help your lawn. For a greener and thicker lawn, water your grass profoundly and not often. This allows the grassroots to grow deeper into the soil, helping your property stay green even in drought periods. Using a hose reel like the one pictured above from Liberty Garden products can help make watering a much simpler task.

For effective results, you can water your lawn once a week and with 1 inch of water in most cases. But, that depends on your lawn type and weather conditions. So, how can you tell that you’re watering with the right amount of water?

You can use containers to measure 1 inch of water. Turn on your sprinklers and wait until all the containers are one-inch full of water. That way, you can tell if the sprinkler is irrigating the lawn evenly or not. If not, try and tilt your sprinkler heads.


espoma organic all season lawn fertilizer homerefinerySource: Espoma
Using organic and toxin-free fertilizers may help sustain healthy grass growth

Your lawn needs nutrients just like any other plant. You might assume that your yard has enough nutrients to grow. However, rainfall and irrigation often leak the nutrients, leaving the grass deficient. So, make sure to fertilize regularly for a healthier lawn.

Though fertilization may seem overwhelming with all the types in the market, your soil pH levels can guide you on the one to buy. Consult with a professional to know the nutrients to use and the recommended quantity. There is a wide range of organic and toxin-free lawn fertilizers suitable for use in all seasons.

Aerate Your Lawn

agrifab spike lawn aeratorSource: Agrifab
This plug lawn aerator by Agrifab makes short work of lawn aerating

If your lawn has high traffic either from kids or pets, the soil may get compacted over time. Also, the regular mowing of your lawn can contribute to soil compaction. Using an aerator like the Agrifab plug aerator can help remedy the situation fast.

Soil compaction is not suitable for your lawn because it affects the rate of water and nutrients absorption. Also, the required micro-organisms such as earthworms cannot survive in compacted soil. So, it is vital that you aerate your lawn once in a while for a greener and thicker lawn.

Aeration means digging small holes to loosen the soil and give room for air circulation. Also, the holes provide space for overseeding in bare areas. Aeration can be done once a year.

Control Weeds

spraying weed killer

All the above tips help to keep your grass thick and green. In the process, they help remove insects, weeds, and diseases. However, some weeds can be persistent and can affect your lawn’s health.

When weeds outgrow your grass, they compete for nutrients, water, and sunlight. You can eliminate the competition by controlling the weeds using pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control tips. A lawn care pro can also advise you on the herbicides to use.


wildflower farms eco grassSource: Wildflower Farms
Certain grass seeds like Wildflower Farm’s Eco-Lawn need minimal mowing and are resistant to drought

Is your grass looking thin and weak? Overseeding can help your lawn back to looking turfy and thick. You only need to spread fresh grass on your existing property. If done right, it can thicken up the grass and leave it looking excellent and luxurious.

Overseeding is a cheap and straightforward way to get your lawn back to looking lush and green. It is an easier way rather than uprooting everything and starting afresh. Grass seeds like the Eco-Lawn product from Wildflower Farms require only minimal watering and are resistant to drought. Such starter seeds can dramatically cut down on total seeding cost.


lawn dehatching tools homerefinery

Thatch is a layer of dead grass that sits on top of your lawn’s soil. If the dead grass is more than half an inch, it can compete for water and nutrients needed for your yard. So, it is necessary to get rid of the dead grass as soon as it appears. You can contact a lawn expert to dethatch your lawn for quicker and better results.

Typically, you have to put in the work for a greener and thicker lawn. It is not a one-day activity. You need to regularly maintain it and use the recommended tips for a healthier lawn. Keep in mind that yards are different, as well as weather conditions. You need to put all these into consideration if you want to have an ever-green lawn.

If you are not into getting down and dirty or simply have no time, you can contact a lawn expert to do the work for you.

Final Thoughts

Lawn care involves careful attention year-round. Watering, seeding, and even hatching are but a few of the required tasks for any homeowner looking for thicker and greener lawn grass. In most cases, these tasks can be outsourced either partially or wholly to a local lawn care professional. Outsourcing may be more expensive but much more likely to produce favorable results that might just make your neighbors jealous!