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Tuft & Needle: Innovators of the Bed in a Box

Tuft & Needle: Innovators of the Bed in a Box

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Tuft and Needle are one of the original bed-in-a-box online mattress brands. They’ve helped forever change the way that people shop for new mattresses and have reaped the rewards. As they’ve grown as a brand, they’ve paid close attention to feedback from customers to help continue creating incredible products.

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Tuft and Needle was started by Daehee Park and JR Marino, both of whom were software engineers working in Silicon Valley before their evolution into one of the best brands in the world. As with many at the time, they expressed strong frustration with the lack of transparency and ridiculous pricing that was common within the industry. They felt that $1000 should buy a world-class mattress and embarked on a journey to make that happen.

The Vision

Initialized by their common distaste for existing mattress brands, JT and Daehee started out to design an affordable luxury memory foam mattress. The first hurdle to overcome was the issue of getting a mattress to people. After all, mattresses are big! The idea to create memory foam mattresses that could be vacuum-sealed and shipped via standard ground carries was revolutionary at the time. This meant that market entry would be much lower and that cost-savings would translate to lower prices for consumers.

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The Mattress

The next hurdle was to figure out how to solve the heat-retention issue with memory foam mattresses. At this point in time, memory foam wasn’t anything new. In fact, the market had kind of turned sour on anything but neck pillows. With a few tweaks to design, adding in a non-memory foam base layer, and creating several new patented variations of memory foam—Tuft & Needle became a reality. They now had a mattress that stayed cool, shipped directly to consumers, and could be sold at a price that was fractions of what traditional brands could match.

The Guarantees

What really helped Tuft & Needle succeed where others might have, and did shortly afterward, was to recognize the skepticism of buying mattresses online. Mattresses are big, they’re expensive, and it’s a hard sell without having the ability to actually try one out beforehand. This problem was solved by offering in-home trials, warranties that made traditional manufacturer’s products look silly, and to offer free shipping. With this model, consumers could find the mattress online, have it shipped to them, sleep on it for a few months, and then decide if they wanted to buy it. The key to this model working? Make a mattress people actually wanted to keep!

Our Thoughts

We’ve had the chance to share lots of mattress reviews. Over time, we’ve found some really great products that we’d recommend to anyone—and we’ve found some really poorly-designed products that we’d not gift to our worst enemies. After all, causing back pain is a truly incredulous attack plan!

Tuft & Needle’s products are among our top-rated mattresses and continue to receive 5-star reviews from new buyers. Their products stack up against even the strongest of competitors and we feel they’re a solid brand to shop with.

tuft and needle
Tuft & Needle
Tuft & Needle are one of the best mattress brands in the world and offer a great memory foam product. They're one of the original bed-in-a-box brands and have continued to impress over the years.
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