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Twin Bedroom Attic Trundle Bedroom by Ashley Darryl

Twin Bedroom Attic Trundle Bedroom by Ashley Darryl


Attic spaces have a way of capturing one’s imagination. Maybe it’s all the bedtime stories of adventures launch-padding from the attic—or maybe just the inherent mystique.

It’s easy to let a good attic go to waste, but this project by Ashley Darryl left everything at the top of the staircase. This space is open, inviting, full of natural light, and an expression of masterful design.

Twin Trundles & Brick Chimneys

asheley-darryl-twin-trundle-attic-bedroom-home-refinery-1Source: Ashley Darryl

This twin bedroom isn’t exactly a bedroom at all—though it could certainly be used as one! The symmetric design features two custom-built trundle beds separated by an original red-brick chimney. Note the double-pulled storage design that keeps this interior as functional as it is inviting.

ashley-darryl-twin-trundle-attic-bedroom-home-refinery-2Source: Ashley Darryl

This farther-away shot showcases just how much living space was saved by going the trundle bed route. The open floor design, coupled with the built-in trundle design, makes this homely attic space the perfect place to escape for a read. Mixed purposing rooms is one of our favorite bedroom design ideas and this is an incredible example of painting outside the lines being an incredible idea.

ashley-darryl-twin-trundle-attic-bedroom-home-refinery-3Source: Ashley Darryl

If the soft white coloring and summer sunshine wasn’t inviting enough, the wall-mounted reading lamps, ingeniously-converted window shades, and inset bookcase make these tucked-away-trundles the perfect location for a nap. Seriously. The ovular pulls on the trundle drawer-fronts make this design more than just eye-candy—it’s user-friendly as well!

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