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Twin Bedroom Before & After Design by Simple Interiors

Twin Bedroom Before & After Design by Simple Interiors


Twin bedrooms resonate deeply for their inspirational portrayal of our youthful bonds. Brothers, sisters—maybe even twins! The powerful bonds of such siblings echo in well-designed twin bedrooms. While two beds in a room can nurture such bonds, masterfully-designed spaces appeal to our romantic sides.

Incredible Twin Bedroom Makeover

Before and after room designs are always interesting but too few deliver the majesty as this one from Simple Interiors. Maybe it’s the high ceilings, maybe its the curtained poster bed design, or perhaps is the elegant molding on the modern grey walls—whatever the reason it’s absolutely beautiful!  These images come from Lesya Pechenkina of Simple Interiors and speak for themselves.

pink-twin-bedroom-poster-beds-simple-home-home-refinery-1Source: Lesya Pechenkina
The symmetry in this shot is impressive and helps reinforce the motif of twins well. The modern pink + grey color combination is an excellent choice to pair with the soft flowing design of the poster curtains.

pink-twin-bedroom-poster-beds-simple-home-home-refinery-4Source: Lesya Pechenkina

The ribbon ties around the poster beds, as well as the spherical shaping of the post bed design, can be seen fully in this close-up shot. The sky-blue rug help support the overall color pairings while still showing a bit of free-style.

pink-twin-bedroom-poster-beds-simple-home-home-refinery-3Source: Lesya Pechenkina

This angle show the beautiful remodeling of the flooring and how the soft, muted tones complement the rest of the room’s colors. The curved chairs and slightly ornate pedestal table pair well with the poster bed designs here also.

pink-twin-bedroom-poster-beds-simple-home-home-refinery-2Source: Lesya Pechenkina

This farter-away angle showcases the well-planned bedding chosen for this re-design and helps illustrate just how much attention to detail Simple Home design really puts into their projects.

pink-twin-bedroom-poster-beds-simple-home-home-refinery-before-4Source: Lesya Pechenkina

Normally, we’d show you the before picture first but—at least in this case—we were afraid we might scare you off! You can see the same flooring here, albeit without the finishing touch. This remodeling/decorating project addressed everything one might expect—so much so we’d not be surprised if the wiring got upgraded as well!