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Upton: Artistic Prints that Elevate your Home

Upton: Artistic Prints that Elevate your Home

Emma Wright
  • Upton creates museum-quality canvas prints that energize homes with joy and creativity at affordable prices.
upton canvas paper prints

Upton design studio creates gorgeous canvas and paper prints that speak to our inner artist. His compositions add artistic depth to your home and infuse its walls with hope and joy every day.

Michael’s work draws inspiration from everyday life: from travels to exotic lands to memorable fine dining gatherings. This allows his creations to resonate with his audience’s inner artists as well as their hopes and dreams.

Canvas and Paper Prints Artwork for All Styles

Upton is a Southern California based design studio founded by Michael Upton. Mike’s passion for his craft has allowed him to take his brand to new heights. His inspiring artwork is simultaneously museum-quality art and exquisite home décor at incredible prices.

Michael’s life-long passion for art began when he was six years old. His background as a designer for the prestigious Brixton apparel brand eventually allowed him to become a full-time artisan to his craft. Today we’ll take a look at some of his best work and how it can add artistic depth to your home without breaking the bank!

The Upton Abra Sand Canvas Print

upton canvas paper prints 1Source: Upton
The Abra Sand comes with a 100% premium cotton canvas.

The Abra Sand features delicate beige tones that welcome the mysterious and peaceful desert sands into your home. This thought-provoking piece suits rustic farmhouse rooms or minimalist nurseries alike, making it a truly versatile artistic decor for any home. The color seeps into the canvas’ cotton strands, keeping your artwork vivid and fresh for years to come.

The Upton Amberson Canvas Print

upton canvas paper prints 2Source: Upton
The Upton Amberson Print on Canvas is perfect for contemporary spaces.

The Upton Amberson Print on Canvas features a beautifully introspective piece best-suited for modern or contemporary spaces. The personalized colors and mixed inks allow this mesmerizing piece to evolve and blend into living rooms or dining rooms effortlessly, adding a dash of bohemian flair to your home.

The Upton Aurora Canvas Print

upton canvas paper prints 3Source: Upton
The Aurora Canvas Print can be a powerful, artistic centerpiece for your home’s feng shui.

The Aurora Canvas Print is a gorgeous representation of the balance between the Taoist Earth and Metal elements. The piece features a vibrant gold ink that channels well-being and nourishment, as well as the Metal element’s beauty, joy, and unwavering will. This piece calls upon the universe’s energies to grant you and your guests health and prosperity and to experience joy and beauty in the simplest of offerings and events.

The Upton Ostium Paper Print

upton canvas paper prints 4Source: Upton
The Ostium is printed on quality acid-free neutral pH 100% cotton paper.

The Ostium Paper Print features a sophisticated contrast on its smooth surface, perfect for modern rooms in need of art accents. The piece subtly invites your guests to gaze at its surface and quietly reflect on art’s role in our search for meaning and belonging. You can order the Ostium Paper Print with a custom frame that’ll help you tie the art piece into the room’s color scheme as well, making it an extremely versatile pick for lofts and homes alike.

The Upton Galston Paper Print

upton canvas paper prints 5Source: Upton

The Upton Galston Paper Print can feature a black, white, or natural frame to complement your room’s color scheme.

The Upton Galston Paper Print comes with a sober yet elegant color palette that eases the senses. This piece encourages creativity and boldness, making it an ideal art piece for minimalist settings that wish to add color without breaking the room’s color scheme. The mix of clean lines and free-form art represents the duality that manifests itself in every soul and how beauty truly flourishes in its eternal dance.

The Upton Carnar Paper Print

upton canvas paper prints 6Source: Upton
The Upton Carnar Paper Print brings Asian Zen peace to your home.

The Upton Carnar Paper Print features a rich contrast, perfect for black and white rooms. Michael Upton’s intuitive art truly connects with Zen philosophy and deep Buddhist spiritual practices. By representing conscious awareness and an open attitude towards life, this serene and beautiful piece gently stimulates the eyes and soul.

Upton: Artistic Prints that Elevate your Home

Michael Upton has turned his namesake brand into a prestigious California-based art studio through sheer will and passion. Mike creates hundreds of drawings, but only a handful survive a rigorous refinement over months before making it to the print.

The artisan personally mixes the inks to create an iconic combination that best suits his creation. This process allows the drawing to transform into museum-quality art that perfectly decorates homes of all styles. The printing process itself reproduces pieces with artistic depth at very affordable prices, allowing Upton to elevate any home or loft aesthetics.


Michael Upton sees himself as an art-world outsider that believes “the way someone views the world and interacts in the world” is an artwork in itself. His mindset and passion are present in each of the studio’s original pieces, allowing him to art that elevates any home’s artistic depth.

Mike combines his passion with museum-quality materials and methods to preserve his creation’s quality for years to come. We believe it’s this level of care and attention to detail that sets his studio apart from others. Suffice to say, if you’re looking for fine art and tasteful home décor at affordable prices, then Upton is no doubt an excellent place to start your search.