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15 Best Unique Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

15 Best Unique Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Emma Wright
  • Wedding anniversaries are some of the most meaningful milestones for married couples. We've put together a list of inexpensive gestures as well as jaw-dropping gifts that will express the deep love you have for your partner!
wedding anniversary gift ideas

Wedding anniversaries are important occasions for all couples. They represent an excellent opportunity to thank your partner for all the joy, happiness, and love they’ve brought to your life. The gift should be meaningful and thoughtful above all!

If you’re planning on gifting your parents or friends something they’ll cherish and remember, fret not. Our list of wedding anniversary gifts for couples will help you find the ideal gift for a happy couple!

Unique Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

While many follow the traditional wedding gift anniversary guidelines that date back to the middle ages, we’ve decided to go with something bold and different. Wedding anniversaries are meant to be celebrated in meaningful and significant ways, and gifts should follow that simple rule as well.

Many believe that each gift should gradually increase in value as more time is invested into the relationship, but we think there’s more to a gift than a price tag. Our review team has put together a list that contains useful wedding anniversary gifts for men and meaningful wedding anniversary gifts for women too. We’re proud to say many of these last minute wedding gift ideas will dazzle the couple and make guests say: “how come I didn’t think of that!?”

Without further ado, let’s begin!

First Wedding Anniversary Gifts

wedding anniversary gift ideas 1Source: Wayfair

These unusual wedding gift ideas combine creativity with real meaning.

Often, the most cherished wedding anniversary gifts for couples have personal meaning and not necessarily a flashy price tag. This cute Star Map Constellation Chart reveals the star’s alignment on the couple’s most romantic day of their lives. It’s a favorite for anyone that follows astrology and the zodiac signs.

If you’re going for something the couple can use every day, then you’ll love our next idea. This Sparkling Water Carbonator is a nifty appliance that makes visits, parties, and leisure time that much enjoyable. Couples and guests can flavor their favorite soft drinks or phase out sugary drinks by enjoying the satisfying taste of carbonated water.

Gifting a brand-new coffee maker can be a great idea but, it’s also likely that a couple already has one that perfectly fits their standards. So why not give this idea a nice twist by gifting a sleek Cold Brew Coffee Maker? They will now be able to treat themselves to a smooth cold brew whenever they want (and even try some whacky, dessert-like recipes for fun).

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

wedding anniversary gift ideas 2Source: Ooni
Our fifth-anniversary gift ideas feature uncommon yet super-useful appliances for any couple.

Even the closest couples disagree on pizza toppings, but everyone agrees on one thing: pizzas made in wooden ovens are the best. The Ooni Fyra Portable Pizza Oven uses hardwood pellets that keep your oven at consistently high temperatures, add a smoky flavor to food and leave little ash behind. This petite 22-pound oven cooks authentic stone-baked pizza in just 60 seconds, making it one of the best wedding gift for best friend.

If you’re looking for a wedding gift for brother, the Cuisinart Airfryer Oven is a techier version of your traditional oven. This Cuisinart appliance lets you enjoy crispy, flavorful fried foods without using a single drop of oil. All you have to do is use the timer and temperature knob to turn your favorite fried food into golden brown, healthy goodies!

Another wedding anniversary gift for men is a man cave mini-fridge that helps you keep your cold drinks at arm’s reach. Once a marriage is past the five-year mark, the couple not only respects each other personal space and time: they encourage each other to make the most out of their “me” time.

Having a man cave with your favorite gaming console and a spacious fridge allows you to enjoy a night with the boys in the comfort of your own home. These mini fridges are hands down, a super thoughtful wedding gift for best friend.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

wedding anniversary gift ideas 3Source: Wayfair
While every anniversary is worthy of celebration, arriving at a decade of marriage is a major milestone.

This Reversible Comforter Set is a must-have for any couple’s master suite. The latter is large enough for both the bride and groom to snuggle under and will perfectly fit the couple’s new mattress (assuming they’re changing theirs at the 10-year mark). This comfort is a great wedding anniversary gift for men and a suitable wedding anniversary gift for women too.

If your friends are going on vacation to celebrate their 10th anniversary, few things can be as thoughtful as prepaying them a photo session through Flytographer. It’s one of the best destination wedding gifts you can hire (and one of the best wedding gifts for sisters as well), especially since brides and grooms only have each other to take pictures during their trips.

If you’re looking for a great wedding gift for best friends, then the Home-Complete BBQ Grilling Tool Set can be just the thing. After countless barbeques with friends and families, the couple is likely in need of a grill renewal. This cool-looking stainless-steel case (holding every cookout essential) can come as a wonderful surprise and a long-lasting gift.

15th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

wedding anniversary gift ideas 4Source: Wayfair
15-Year wedding anniversaries are perfect opportunities to renew the couple’s everyday appliances.

After 15 wedding anniversaries, it may be hard to find something novel that surprises a couple. However, they’re probably looking to update a few things at home: Options such as a convenient (and modern-looking) Spice Rack can turn out to be great space-saving solutions for their kitchen.

Electric roaster ovens are compact, easier-to-clean versions of their traditional models, and they can be a top wedding gift for best moms. Getting all the convenience you can in your daily activities is always a good thing, and kitchen-wise, the beautiful Nesco electric roaster can help you eat healthier without leaving mouthwatering roasts and baked goods out of your menu.

Life can sometimes be overwhelming as professional, family and personal goals stack up with everyday chores at a high-paced rhythm. Unintentionally, sometimes we forget about special dates such as our close friends’ anniversaries, which is why it’s always handy to have a backup, last minute wedding gift idea under your sleeve. Wine Chillers can save the day (especially one as fancy looking as this one) when celebrating with close friends and family alike on their special day.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gift

wedding anniversary gift ideas 5Source: Luxor Linens

Older couples will find these incredible gifts incredibly thoughtful.

Celebrating a twentieth wedding anniversary is a rare but incredibly joyous occasion that honors love and all it stands for. Our first idea comes from T-fal: the Clipso Stove Top Pressure Cooker. This nifty stove lets you cook food 70% faster while retaining valuable nutrients and flavor. It’s by far one of the best wedding gift for best mom and wedding gift for best dad, especially since it’ll help them turn the toughest of meats into soft delights they’ll easily chew and enjoy!

Customized art is always a solid wedding anniversary gift for couples, and Lennie Arifin’s customized portraits are some of the cutest we’ve seen so far. Her original art style makes each piece unique, guaranteeing that the couple receives a gift that feels hand-made for them. Keep in mind that the average turnaround for a portrait is four weeks, so make sure you custom-order this gorgeous piece of artwork ahead of time.

One of the safest wedding anniversary gifts for couples is matching bathrobes. Luxor bathrobes are made from 100% Egyptian cotton, making them some of the softest and most lightweight robes available today. Thanks to their adjustable tied belt design, their one-size perfectly fits anyone lucky enough to receive this wonderful, thoughtful gift from you.


How Much to Spend On Wedding Gifts

A reasonable budget would be anywhere between $100 to $300. We included options that are well below the $100 mark because we believe meaningful gifts do not always come with a bloated price tag. Having said that, most (if not all of our recommendations) fall within this price range.

What is the Traditional Gift for a First Year Wedding Anniversary?

Traditionally speaking, the material that best suits first-year wedding anniversaries is paper. Symbolically, the early years of marriage are fragile but can fold and become stronger the closer both ends are (just like paper!).

Gifts such as customizable artwork, origami art, or books are traditionally acceptable choices. If you’re celebrating your best friend’s first wedding anniversary, then possibilities are endless! There are no boundaries, rules, or traditions you must follow: think of something useful or meaningful and gift away!