9 Ingenious Wine Cellar Under Stair Design Ideas

  • Wish to display your love for wine in a sophisticated way? Check out our favorite wine cellar under stairs for this year!
wine cellar under stairs

Turning an awkward space into an elegant under stair wine cellar can elevate your home’s aesthetics overnight! And the best part? It’s an affordable investment that goes for a fraction of what a basement renovation would cost.

Keeping your vintage wine in ideal conditions only takes a bit of creativity, a decent refrigeration system, and some space under your property’s stairs. Wine cellar under stairs easily adapts to every design style and color scheme, making them an ideal choice from a functional and interior design standpoint.

Why You Need a Wine Cellar Under Stairs

Having a wine cellar is a necessity for any wine connoisseur. Temperature and humidity can spoil even the finest of products and turn a memorable occasion into a literal sour taste in your mouth. Having a wine cellar under stairs also allows you to adequately age your bottles and maximize unused space that would otherwise go to waste. From a décor standpoint, having a stylish wine cellar can also overhaul your entire home and create an elegant focal point that will spark conversations among guests.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your dedicated wine cellar or wish to change your home’s aesthetics, our selection of wine cellar under stairs will blow your mind! Here are our top picks for this year:

Beach Style Wine Cellar Under Stairs

wine cellar under stairs 1Source: Trillium Architects
This mid-sized wine cellar under stairs masterfully merges a relaxed beach style with a clean contemporary design.

This beach style wine cellar under stairs by Trillium Architects is nothing short of breath-taking. This project features a custom stainless steel wine cooler that perfectly adapts to the 2-story home’s stairs. The coastal beige floor delicately contrasts with the vibrant steel structure to create an organic yet highly sophisticated look. Trillium Architects merged efficient design, beauty, and high-functionality to create a unique living space that will spark the guest’s envy and awe as they enter your home.

Contemporary Wine Cellar Under Stairs

wine cellar under stairs 2Source: Associated Design
Maria Gonzalez’s passion for timeless, highly-functional design is evident in this contemporary wine cellar under stairs.

Associated Design and their talented team created this contemporary wine cellar as part of their Miami Beach Villa project. The wine cellar perfectly adapts to the home’s black and white color scheme, featuring thick black frames and storage racks that sharply contrast with the light wood floors. The firm adopted an innovative approach that allows visitors to admire the wine cellar as they’re about to climb the property’s stairs, creating a breath-taking scenery that evokes luxury and simplicity.

Coastal Style Wine Cellar Under Stairs

wine cellar under stairs 3Source: Brandon Architects
This magnificent coastal-styled wine cellar invites you to relax and enjoy vintage wine, while the sea’s air and the sun kisses your skin.

Brandon Architects conceptualized and built this coastal style wine cellar under stairs during their Heliotrope II project. The prestigious firm is known for its team’s holistic approach and vast expertise in creating remarkable living spaces.

The Heliotrope II project features a coastal wood floor with matching wooden racks that elegantly showcase the vintage wine collection. The firm’s environmentally sensitive approach, as well as their advanced design process, has earned them a reputation as one of the leading Orange County architect firms.

Sophisticated Wine Cellar Under Stairs

wine cellar under stairs 4Source: Three Salt Design Co.
Three Salt Design created a mid-sized wine cellar under stairs that could be easily accessed and browsed by multiple users.

The talented team over at Three Salt Design designed this sophisticated wine cellar for a Long Beach residence. Lindsay Stokes Kennedy and Alexandra Cole completely remodeled this home and integrated a sophisticated wine cellar underneath the house’s stairs. The wine cellar comes with state-of-the-art ventilation systems that allow the owner to properly age and store their vast wine collection at a fraction of what it’d cost to remodel the property’s basement.

Rustic Wine Cellar Under Stairs

wine cellar under stairs 5Source: US Cellar System
This rustic wine cellar under stairs perfectly balances convenience and elegance.

US Cellar System has a long-standing tradition for creating beautiful and highly functional wine cellar in large and reduced spaces. This rustic wine cellar under stairs proved a challenge mainly due to the room’s proportions, but the company’s 40 years of expertise came through.

The wine cellar came with a manufactured commercial-grade cooling system, ideal for this custom-made wine cellar. This state-of-the-art equipment, coupled with the company’s advanced understanding of refrigeration and insulation, allowed them to integrate a beautiful wine cellar that is sure to impress many guests in the future.

Large Wine Cellar Under Stairs

wine cellar under stairs 7Source: Designer Kitchen & Baths
In true Vegas spirit, this property proudly represents luxury and glamour in the desert.

This large wine cellar under stairs was created by the Designer Kitchen & Baths team for a Las Vegas client’s home. The home features a unique spin on contemporary style by incorporating beige tones and sharp dark wood contrasts.

For this project, Aaron Vry’s team integrated a large wine cellar that matched the home’s color scheme. This rather large wine cellar perfectly fits into the home’s structure and displays the owner’s vast wine collection through its glass walls. The wine cellar preserves and neatly organizes the bottles thanks to its large racks and high-end refrigeration system, creating an eye-catching and tasteful area for true wine connoisseurs.

Small Wine Cellar Under Stairs

wine cellar under stairs 6Source: Coats Home
This gorgeous wine cellar under stairs comes with a cutting-edge refrigeration system that keeps vintage wine in optimal conditions.

This small wine cellar was designed by the Coats Home team during their Greenbrier project in 2015. The property’s custom water-based finish hardwood floor creates a hauntingly beautiful balance that ties together its black and white scheme. The small wine cellar under the stairs perfectly represents the home’s theme: elegant, sober, and highly functional. The unit comes with integrated wine storage from Sub-Zero, featuring a gorgeous panel door that gives way to the neatly organized rack.

Transitional Wine Cellar Under Stairs

wine cellar under stairs 8Source: Builders Glass Bonita
This transitional wine cellar under stairs perfectly fits the property’s layout and design style.

The Builders Glass Bonita team designed this All Glass Frame-less Wine Cellar for one of their Naples clients. This transitional wine room matches the property’s open-concept layout and serves as the living room’s focal point. The frame-less glass also matches the stair’s glass railing and allows visitors to marvel at the vintage wine collection. This excellent balance between functionality and cohesive aesthetic makes this one of the best wine cellars under stairs design for this year.

Traditional Wine Cellar Under Stairs

wine cellar under stairs 9Source: Sommi Wine Cellars
The rich mahogany tone perfectly fits the property’s color scheme, making it a masterful choice for this traditional wine cellar under stairs.

This breath-taking traditional wine cellar under stairs was designed and built by the Sommi Wine Cellars team. The wine cellar features professional-grade refrigeration and a handcrafted look that makes the Sommi artisans stand out from the rest. The delicate lighting and rigorous climate and humidity control make this mahogany wine cellar a must-have addition for any wine connoisseur that wishes to display their collection to guests.


Wine cellar under stairs will likely continue to trend for many years. For most homeowners, transforming their basement into a dedicated wine cellar is quite simply too expensive. Wine cellar under stairs, on the other hand, not only allows you to safely store and age your wines, but they also add a refined touch to any home at a very reasonable price! With the help of a talented design company, you’ll be able to express your love for design and wine in an incredibly creative and fashionable way that will impress even the finest of guests!

We hope our selection of wine cellar under stairs for this year inspired you, remember to check out our other room ideas for more unique takes on home renovation and interior design!