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Yankee Barn Homes: Customized Prefab Homes for All Lifestyles

Yankee Barn Homes: Customized Prefab Homes for All Lifestyles

  • Yankee Barn Homes take prefab homes to the next level. Their contemporary, coastal, and modern homes are breathtakingly beautiful and energy-efficient down to the last square foot.
yankee barn homes

Yankee Barn Homes take prefab homes to new heights. With over 50 years of experience in the post and beam housing industry, the company’s modular home exteriors and interiors show a level of adaptability and style that few companies can replicate.

Their catalog features summer homes with a breezy coastal style, stylish modern farmhouses, and stunning contemporary homes that outmatch most traditionally-built homes out there. If you’re looking for a durable, fashionable, budget-friendly home, then Yankee Barn Homes is a safe choice.

Custom Prefab ADU Homes

Building your dream home starts by visiting the Yankee Barn Homes floor plan library. The company uses this catalog as design aides, allowing you to pick one of these pre-made plans as a starting point. Their design teams and architects work alongside you to customize this initial plan into a home that fully adapts to your specific lifestyle and needs. The Yankee Barn Homes team work alongside you to guarantee that your dream home is delivered down to the last detail in record time, guiding you through every step of the way.

We at Homerefinery are fans of custom modular homes. So, our review team decided to take a closer look at some of their latest projects and see what they offer. Here’s what we found:

Barn Homes

yankee barn homes 1Source: Yankee Barn Homes
Yankee Barn Homes has been designing and building spectacular barn homes for more than 50 years.

Yankee Barn Homes blend contemporary designs with classic features in every Barn-Home floorplan they create. Their process largely depends on implementing their clients’ ideas as they adapt and customize large homes and smaller vacation cabins alike. Each of their Barn Home models can nonetheless reminisce the natural setups found in farmland and rural areas.

yankee barn homes 2Source: Yankee Barn Homes
The Buell Barn Home projects its owner’s enthusiasm for all things organic.

The Buell, for instance, features a multifunctional indoor space in which timber accents and parquet floors combine to create inviting areas with an organic aesthetic. The company uses a panelized construction method to integrate multiple modules into its models to deliver customized homes in record time.

Carriage Homes

yankee barn homes 3Source: Yankee Barn Homes
Historically conceived as garages for horse-driven carriages, Carriage homes have enormous potential as residential spaces.

Carriage Houses are versatile buildings that can work as in-law apartments, vacation homes, or even boathouses. The latter are complementary buildings that often feature two stories, with the first-floor offering garage-type solutions while the second-story provides comfortable living spaces. Thankfully, Yankee Barn homes have a great deal of experience maximizing available square footages to refit or prebuild similar structures.

yankee barn homes 4Source: Yankee Barn Homes
Carriage homes can turn into modern living spaces with an attractive rustic flair.

The picture above showcases the second story of their Eaton Carriage House model. The Eaton Carriage model features a farmhouse interior design that projects a “man cave” part room. The idea was to create the ideal space for family entertainment capable of hosting holiday gatherings, birthdays, and celebrations.


yankee barn homes 5Source: Yankee Barn Homes
The Yankee Barn Homes design team is ready to create a cottage home to suit your lifestyle.

Yankee Barn Homes presents one of the best affordable prefab ADU homes for clients who wish to build a custom cottage with a rich architectural style.

yankee barn homes 6Source: Yankee Barn Homes
Yankee Barn Homes Cottages are spacious, cozy, and highly adaptable to different lifestyles and needs.

This particular model was the outcome of a collaboration project with two renowned magazines: Cottages and Bungalows & American Farmhouse Style. The Springfield prefab cottage presents a flexible floor plan that adapts to all age groups by featuring a versatile open-floorplan with rooms that can accommodate all stages of life.

The barn-style architecture comes with fewer interior partition walls (maximizing space and aesthetic) and plenty of windows that allow you to enjoy abundant natural light as well as your surroundings.

Contemporary Homes

yankee barn homes 7Source: Yankee Barn Homes
The Block Island House model features an eclectic design that takes inspiration and styling cues from different eras.

Yankee Barn Homes also have plenty of experience prefabricating contemporary-style homes that suit every taste. Their team translates their traditional floorplan’s high-quality production, post & beam longevity, and design-flexibility into residential buildings with contemporary architecture.

yankee barn homes 8Source: Yankee Barn Homes
This contemporary prefab home features minimalism, balance, and clean lines in every room.

Inevitably, contemporary homes present current design trends while paying homage to the past. Based on Jeffrey Milstein’s design, Yankee Barn Homes prebuilt a panelized contemporary home with an uncluttered interior devoid of intricate decorations and ornate accents.


Emil Hanslin founded Yankee Barn Homes in 1969 to build custom-design prefab timber frame homes. His vision was to combine the authentic styled barn home and the cutting-edge contemporary lifestyle and interiors that were trending at the time. Emil decided to integrate durable, energy-conserving materials that could weather the elements and keep energy bills low every month.

Emil would then add the concept of using posts and beams supplied by Industrial Revolution era mill buildings. This revolutionary barn home would be named the Mark I. After a few changes, The Mark I would become a complete barn-style home package that could be installed on a foundation in five days.

The company, more than 50 years later, continues to innovate. Yankee Barn Homes has developed and trademarked roof and wall panel systems to achieve maximum energy efficiency in all of its structures. Their team’s innovation and deep commitment to their client’s satisfaction have turned Yankee Barn Homes into proven builders and leaders in their industry for many years now.


After taking a closer look at the Yankee Barn Homes catalog, it’s safe to say that only the best prefab modular home builders can customize their plans and builds to their level of specificity. By offering a sensible starting point that clients can modify to best match their needs, the often difficult process of conceptualizing a home is made significantly easier.

Their project managers patiently guide you to ensure your dream home remains functional, energy-efficient, and stylish. It’s evident that their cost-efficient builds and remarkable craftsmanship make their prefab ADU adu homes a smart choice in this tough housing market.