Green Tea Mattress by Zinus

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Zinus makes some of the most affordable luxury mattresses on the market. The Green Tea Pressure Relief Memory Foam mattress is their best seller and has received incredible reviews. This mattress is ideal for those looking for the best natural mattress while still adhering to conservative budgets. The Green Tea Mattress from Zinus comes in several different thicknesses which allow for even further budgetary consideration. This mattress is packed with incredible features and a strong contender for best affordable mattress.

Natural Foam Materials

Foam mattresses are among the most contouring designs on the market. Their remarkable ability to conform to the shape of our bodies allow them to accommodate a wide range of sleeping styles and sleep preferences. These types of foams, while very comfortable, are often manufactured using environmentally-damaging methods and also make use of many toxic chemicals. These types of chemicals can often leave trace amounts on finished products and are a cause of concern. Within the mattress industry the best way to ensure you are getting safe and non-toxic materials is to look for the CertiPUR certification. CertiPUR is a type of material that is made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, toxic flame retardants, toxic metals like lead or mercury, or phthalates. These compounds have all demonstrated potential to be harmful towards human health are are best avoided when possible. The Zinus Green Tea mattress relies on these quality CertiPUR materials to help buyers feel confident they are sleeping in a safe and toxin-free environment.

Refreshing Design

The Green Tea mattress is named for its use of natural green tea extracts and ActivCharcoal compounds which help to detoxify the body while you sleep. These compounds are natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial compounds which target and remove toxins and smells while you sleep. You won’t likely smell as if you just returned from a day a the spa—but you might feel like you slept-walked into the shower at some point during the night! Zinus also makes use of BioFoam, a natural plant based foam source, to help replace as much petroleum-based foam as possible. All these considerations for natural materials give way to the Zinus Green Tea mattress being one of the best natural mattresses on the market. Surprisingly, Zinus has also managed to do all this while offering 12″ foam Queen mattresses under the $300 mark. Zinus has truly endeavored to provide consumers with a better, healthier mattress option that helps meet the needs of nearly any budget.

Warranty, Shipping & In Home Trials

No mattress will ever meet the needs or sleeping preferences of every person—it’s just not possible. When considering which mattress may be the best choice for you it’s important to look towards the guarantees, warranties, and trial periods offered by mattress brands. These can help buyers rest assured they will be able to find the right mattress for them without spending than is reasonable. Zinus is among the mattress brands we’d consider to be excellent at offering such services. They offer a 100 night, in-home trial during which you are free to return your mattress for a free refund. There are no strings attached with this offer and it is meant to help you feel confident that Zinus is the right choice for you. After the 100 night in home trial period the Zinus Green Tea mattress is covered by a 10 year limited warranty to address any manufacturing defects that should arise. To top it all off, Zinus ships offers free shipping on all their products and has devised a way to vacuum seal them to fit within a box box small enough to ship via FedEx! They are often referred to as the bed-in-a-box company and have found tremendous success among consumers fed up with overpriced store prices.

Overall Impressions

The Green Tea Mattress from Zinus is a super affordable CertiPUR foam design that is one of the most affordably-priced mattresses on the market today. It features extracts of green tea and ActivCharcoal to help maintain its fresh smell and avoid bacterial contamination, has a 10 year warranty, and even ships for free! Zinus has quickly become one of the most-respected mattress retails in the world for their ability to deliver near-luxury quality products at astoundingly-low prices. These mattresses are a no-brainer for those looking to upgrade their current mattress without having to spend a fortune. Taking advantage of the Zinus 100 night in home trial can help make this decision one of the easiest ones you’ve ever made!

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Green Tea Mattress